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Tibet is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations & there are so many beautiful Hidden areas. Lhasa, the Capital city lies to the Wilderness of the Tibetan Mountains, “it’s called Roof of the World”. The Valley around the Tibet main area is higher than the highest Mountains elsewhere; it is such a lovely area and the beauty of Tibet.

There are so many Snow Cap Mountains over 4000 meters and the highlight of Lasha city where you get to see Tibetan Religious, Cultural and economical center.

In Tibet, There are no air routes within Tibet except Amdo to Kham. The distances are very long and the only recommended transport is hiring the vehicles from an authorized travel agent.

Emergency Evacuation:
Any kind of tourist is requested to take insurance from your own areas which cover medical and emergency evacuation emergencies. what I suggest to travelers before you go to Tibet yo should have insurance because in case if you are ill there you can’t get easy drive services and really risk too so travelers need to be prepared for all your essential things.

Basically, Banks are closed on Saturday & Sunday in Tibet. So, you are requested to carry about US 0 per person in cash or a traveler’s cheque for personal expenses. If it is cash dollars, even local people help you to get them exchanged into Chinese Yuan. Credit cards are not so easy to withdrawal cash, especially outside Lhasa. The name of the currency is Yuan, which is approximately US$ 1 = 8 Yuan.

Tibet Trips

Mount Kailash Tour Mount Kailash Tour Duration: 15 days | Grade: Moderate
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