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Dakshinkali, Pharping & Cultural Kirtipur Day Tour

The Dakshinkali, Pharping & Cultural Kirtipur Day Tour on Budget offers an enriching journey through lesser-known areas around Kathmandu. Experience the spiritual allure of Dakshinkali Temple and Pharping's monasteries. Immerse in Kirtipur's hidden gems, from ancient temples to Newari culture. A unique, off-the-beaten-path adventure awaits within your budget.

Embark on a remarkable cultural journey with Safe Holiday Adventure Dakshinkali, Pharping & Cultural Kirtipur Day Tour. Immerse yourself in the essence of Nepal’s heritage as we explore three extraordinary destinations that hold significant historical and spiritual importance.

Our adventure commences with a visit to Dakshinkali Temple(Popular hindu temple in Kathmandu), an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to the fierce goddess Kali. Nestled amidst lush forests, the temple attracts devotees from far and wide who seek blessings and offer sacrifices. Witness the mesmerizing rituals and traditions that have been preserved for centuries, granting you a glimpse into the heart of Nepalese spirituality.

Next, we venture into Pharping, a hidden gem revered for its monasteries and peaceful ambiance. Engage in the tranquil surroundings, where spiritual seekers meditate and seek enlightenment. Delve into the Buddhist philosophy and gain insights into the ancient teachings of the religion that have shaped Nepal’s culture over the years.

Our cultural odyssey culminates in Kirtipur, an enchanting town steeped in history and artistic heritage. The town’s medieval charm is evident in its Newari architecture, cobblestone streets, and ornate temples. Stroll through the bustling marketplace, interact with friendly locals, and uncover the tales behind the historic monuments that adorn this picturesque town.

Safe Holiday Adventure ensures your comfort and safety throughout the journey, with our knowledgeable guides leading the way. As you immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions, you’ll foster a deeper appreciation for Nepal’s vibrant heritage.

Join us on this Dakshinkali, Pharping & Cultural Kirtipur Day Tour for an authentic encounter with Nepal’s cultural tapestry. Let us whisk you away on a voyage that will leave you with cherished memories and a profound understanding of the country’s rich past. Book your tour today and embark on an unforgettable adventure with us!

Major highlights for the Dakshinkali, Pharping & Cultural Kirtipur Day Tour:

  • Dakshinkali Temple: Explore the ancient Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Kali.
  • Pharping Monasteries: Experience the serene ambiance of Pharping and visit Buddhist monasteries.
  • Kirtipur Heritage: Discover the medieval town’s Newari architecture and ancient temples.
  • Charming Markets: Enjoy shopping in the vibrant local markets of Kirtipur and Pharping.
  • Scenic Views: Capture breathtaking panoramas of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Cultural Insights: Gain understanding of Nepal’s traditions, religions, and practices.
  • Authentic Nepalese Cuisine: Indulge in a delicious lunch of local dishes.
  • Personalized Guided Tour: Expert guides ensure safety and provide insightful commentary.

8:00 AM: Our experienced guide from Safe Holiday Adventure Pvt. Ltd will pick you up from your hotel in Kathmandu.

8:30 AM: Depart for Dakshinkali Temple. Witness religious rituals and immerse in the spiritual ambiance.

10:30 AM: Continue to Pharping. Explore monasteries, engage in meditation, and experience tranquility.

12:30 PM: Arrive in Kirtipur. Discover the town’s heritage, visit temples, and enjoy cultural insights.

1:30 PM: Stop for a delightful lunch at a local restaurant in Kirtipur.

2:30 PM: After lunch, explore more of Kirtipur’s hidden gems and enjoy leisure time.

4:00 PM: Begin the journey back to your hotel in Kathmandu.

5:00 PM: Return to your hotel, concluding the memorable day tour with our guide’s assistance.

What is included
  • Licensed guide for the entire tour,
  • Comfortable transportation from your hotel and back,
  • Admission fees to all visited sites and attractions,
  • Lunch at a local restaurant in Kirtipur,
  • Drinking water throughout the tour,
  • All applicable taxes and service charges.
What is not included
  • Personal expenses and souvenirs,
  • Additional meals or snacks not mentioned in the itinerary,
  • Gratuities for the guide and driver (optional),
  • Any optional activities or attractions not specified in the package,
  • Travel insurance,
  • Any other items or services not mentioned as included in the package.
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Clara Comit

My excursion with Safe Holiday Adventure Pvt. Ltd. and guide Ramu was nothing short of extraordinary! From the seamless organization to Ramu’s insightful storytelling, the tour through Dakshinkali, Pharping & Cultural Kirtipur left an indelible mark. I am immensely grateful for this unforgettable experience and highly recommend this exceptional team for an enriching Nepal adventure!

NAMASTE NEPAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards
Clara Comit

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How to Reach Dakshinkali Temple from the Center of Kathmandu:

Located approximately 22 kilometers (13.7 miles) south of the Kathmandu city center, Dakshinkali Temple is easily accessible by road. Our tour provides comfortable transportation, ensuring a hassle-free journey. As you depart from the city, you’ll enjoy a scenic drive through the picturesque countryside, where you can witness the natural beauty of Nepal. Our knowledgeable guide will share insights into the local culture, history, and religious significance of Dakshinkali Temple, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of this sacred site.

Best Time to Visit Dakshinkali Temple:

Dakshinkali Temple welcomes visitors year-round, each season offering its own unique charm. During spring (March to May), the temple’s surroundings come alive with blooming flowers and vibrant greenery, creating a refreshing atmosphere for exploration. In autumn (September to November), you can enjoy clear skies and pleasant temperatures, providing ideal conditions for immersing yourself in the temple’s spiritual aura. However, regardless of the season, Dakshinkali Temple holds its allure and offers a profound connection to Nepal’s religious heritage.

Dakshinkali Festival:

Witness the vibrant atmosphere of the Dakshinkali Festival, held during Dashain, where thousands of devotees gather to offer sacrifices and pay homage to the goddess Kali.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites:

Explore the nearby Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Pharping, such as the Asura Cave and the Vajrayogini Temple, known for their spiritual significance and serene ambiance.

Cultural Diversity:

Experience the diverse cultural tapestry of Kirtipur, with its mix of Newari, Tamang, and other ethnic communities, each contributing their unique traditions, language, and festivals.

History of Resistance:

Discover the history of Kirtipur as a bastion of resistance against foreign invasions, particularly during the Gorkha Kingdom’s conquest of the Kathmandu Valley.

Kirtipur Bazaar:

Wander through the bustling Kirtipur Bazaar, filled with local shops, street vendors, and markets, where you can find traditional handicrafts, textiles, and local produce.

Dhoka Tole:

Visit Dhoka Tole, the central square of Kirtipur, where you can admire the intricately carved pagoda-style temples, such as the Bagh Bhairav and Uma Maheshwar temples.

Religious Harmony:

Explore the harmonious coexistence of Hinduism and Buddhism in Pharping, with Hindu and Buddhist temples existing side by side, showcasing Nepal’s religious diversity.

Festivals of Pharping:

Learn about the various festivals celebrated in Pharping, such as Losar (Tibetan New Year) and Guru Rinpoche’s Birth Anniversary, which bring the community together in colorful celebrations.

Community Engagement:

Participate in community activities or volunteer programs in Kirtipur, allowing you to connect with locals, learn about their way of life, and contribute to sustainable development initiatives.

Folklore and Legends:

Uncover the fascinating folklore and legends associated with Dakshinkali, Pharping, and Kirtipur, which add an enchanting aspect to the cultural significance of these places.

Sacred Water Springs:

Discover the sacred water springs in Dakshinkali and Pharping, believed to possess healing properties, and observe devotees performing purification rituals and taking holy baths.

Art and Music:

Appreciate the traditional art forms and music of the Newari community in Kirtipur, such as the famous Newa Bhajans and the unique Newari architectural ornamentation.

Natural Trails:

Enjoy nature walks and hikes along the scenic trails surrounding Dakshinkali, Pharping, and Kirtipur, offering opportunities to explore the countryside and enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors.

Religious Philosophy:

in philosophical discussions with the local monks, gurus, and scholars in Pharping, delving into the depths of Buddhist teachings and gaining insights into their worldview.

Sunset Viewpoints:

End your day tour by witnessing breathtaking sunsets from viewpoints in Dakshinkali, Pharping, or Kirtipur, capturing the golden hues illuminating the Himalayan panorama and the Kathmandu Valley below.


Q: How long does the Dakshinkali, Pharping & Cultural Kirtipur Day Tour usually last?
A: The tour typically lasts for a full day, starting in the morning and concluding in the evening.

Q: Is transportation provided for the day tour?
A: Yes, transportation is usually included in the tour package, with a comfortable vehicle arranged for the journey.

Q: Are entrance fees to temples and attractions included in the tour cost?
A: The entrance fees to temples and attractions are generally not included in the tour cost and need to be paid separately.

Q: Are meals included during the day tour?
A: Meals are usually not included in the tour package. However, the tour may include stops at local restaurants or provide recommendations for lunch.

Q: What should I wear during the tour?
A: It is recommended to dress modestly and respectfully, covering your shoulders and knees, especially when visiting temples and religious sites.

Q: Are there any restrictions or specific customs to follow while visiting the temples?
A: Yes, visitors are expected to remove their shoes before entering the temples and show respect to the religious practices observed by devotees.

Q: Are photography and videography allowed during the tour?
A: Generally, photography and videography are allowed in most places. However, it is advisable to ask for permission before capturing images of people or inside temples.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for participating in the day tour?
A: There are no specific age restrictions for the day tour. However, it is recommended to consider the physical endurance required for the tour, especially if traveling with young children or elderly individuals.

Q: Is the day tour suitable for individuals with mobility limitations?
A: Some sites may have uneven terrain or require climbing stairs, which may pose challenges for individuals with mobility limitations. It is advisable to inquire about accessibility beforehand.

Q: Can I customize the day tour itinerary?
A: Customization options may be available depending on the tour operator. It is best to inquire about any specific requests or preferences before booking the tour.

Q: Is it possible to visit Dakshinkali, Pharping, or Kirtipur individually instead of taking the combined day tour?
A: Yes, you can choose to visit these places individually if you prefer. However, the day tour offers the convenience of covering multiple destinations in a single day.

Q: Are English-speaking guides available during the tour?
A: Yes, English-speaking guides are typically provided during the day tour to provide information, answer questions, and offer insights into the cultural significance of the places visited.

Q: Are there restroom facilities available during the day tour?
A: Restroom facilities are usually available at the tourist sites, restaurants, or nearby establishments. It is advisable to use restroom facilities whenever available during the tour.

Q: What should I bring with me for the day tour?
A: It is recommended to carry essentials such as sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes, a refillable water bottle, and some cash for entrance fees or personal expenses.

Q: Can I book the day tour online in advance?
A: Yes, many tour operators offer online booking facilities, allowing you to secure your spot in advance. It is advisable to book early, especially during peak tourist seasons.

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