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Bhutan is a small beautiful country and also so many interesting cultures and their lifestyle as we all know there are so many beautiful hiking, trekking and tour destination and from all over the world people make their safe and enjoyable holiday to Bhutan.

Bhutan’s rich and remarkable culture is a real highlight for many visitors. Even though the internet and mobile phones have infiltrated Bhutan in recent years, the traditions and customs that are centuries old continue to endure. Bhutan’s dance, art, drama, and music are linked to Buddhism, which is the most practiced religion in Bhutan. As with most other Asian countries, monks are revered in Bhutanese society and generally afforded great respect for they are the guardians of the predominant faith. Visitors shouldn’t miss out on visiting one of Bhutan’s many monasteries to see daily rituals, monks, and pilgrims. Religious festivals are celebrated all year round, from smaller regional festivals practiced only by villages, to large nationally recognized religious ceremonies and festivals. These festivals help to preserve and celebrate an ancient culture, and are full of parades, sports, dance, drumming, and art. Bhutan’s distinctive traditional dress is another cultural highlight and it’s possible to see locals wearing fine woven dresses and jackets of different colors and decorations, which often define one’s social class or standing.

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Trekking in Bhutan Trekking in Bhutan Trekking in Bhutan is a witness a near grate experience of really unique preserved Heritage, their Culture, Religion are rarely seen compared to… more details
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