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Cultural Upper Dolpo Trek

Nepal offers the best Remote region Trek, Upper Dolpo Which is situated toward the Western pieces of Nepal and it is otherwise called Off the beaten region Trek. Upper Dolpo Trek is an extraordinary territory where more than 5000 individuals used to live and they have a comparable Lifestyle like Tibetan People. It is behind the Massif Dhaulagiri range and it resembles a desert chiefly in the upper part and is associated with the Tibetan Pletue.

Cultural Upper Dolpo Trek

Cultural Upper Dolpo trek situated in the western piece of Nepal. It is a Hidden Valley zone trek Which is a remote region of Nepal yet it has such an extraordinary History, Tibetan way of life their history, and Buddhism.

The Cultural Upper Dolpa Trek course is close to the fringe of Tibet and Nepal. This is an extremely Natural region where you become more acquainted with the Traditions of Tibetan People, high territory settlements, and their troubles. This Trekking legitimately opened in the late 80s. Nepal’s first English caption film Caravan was shot here in Dolpo, and this Movie was designated in Oscar so this is the best case of how wonderful it is. This Trip will give an extraordinary opportunity to investigate the Remote life in the Himalayas, traditions, Culture, and their past. The Customs and Culture are extremely like the Tibetan individuals in light of the fact that around 1000 years prior their old Generations were moved to Dolpo. Dolpo is likewise a limited territory Trek in Nepal. The Permit expense to go to Dolpo for Trekkers costs 500 USD and you ought to be in a gathering of rundown 2 men and consistently following 10 days you need to pay 50 USD per individual. Singular Trekkers are presently permitted to go there as it is confined territory and need particular Permit.

The Cultural Upper Dolpo Trek is the most wonderful remote territory Trekking Region in Nepal and itself it is a District. The guests of Dolpo are low % as it is high and Adventure region Trek in addition to it is far to go from the Capital of Nepal as it is very costly. The Trails are extremely few, however, so wonderful go through the Valley, little Huts, and Villages, the high scope of Himalaya, Pine Trees, Oaks, and so forth. This current Trip’s significant attractions are Unbelievable Landscapes, Phoksundo Lake, Old Historical Monasteries. Phoksundo Lake is the most profound Lake of Nepal Which is around 145 m profundity. The general population talk simply Tibetan Language there yet, not many People scarcely comprehend the Nepali Language.

Day 01: Arrival day in Kathmandu (1,300 m/4,264 ft)

Welcome to the Himalayan country of Nepal. Upon your arrival in the Tribhuvan Intl Airport. Plane terminal our agency, agent welcomes you and moves in your Hotel in Kathmandu. After time to get fortified, an evening you’ll meet and trade for a welcome dinner in one of the normal Nepalese dinners in the center of Kathmandu and arrangement about your Trek.

Day 02: Kathmandu Valley Visiting,

After breakfast, the day will start with our guided trek to social world heritage goals in Kathmandu valley, including visits to the adventure areas of Hindus Pashupatinath haven, the world most prominent Bouddhanath Stupa, visit Swoyambhunath Stupa generally called monkey asylum, and chronicled Kathmandu Durbar Square with asylum, exceptional models and Kumari (living goddess) in central Kathmandu. Night pre-trip discourse and present with our individual trekking staff for your experience trip.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and trade to Hotel

As indicated by the flight plan for Nepalgunj our trade to the private plane terminal for one and half hour excellent outing to Nepalgunj. At Nepalgunj, we will have time in the late night or night to see the town which is orchestrated on the southern Nepal edge with India. Here it is hot and tropical in character.

Day 04: Fly from Nepalgunj to Juphal (Dolpo) (2,320 m/7,610 ft), trek to Dunai, 2-3 hrs walk

After a stunning medium-term at Nepalgunj, early morning trade to air terminal for the 45-minute excursion to Juphal over the Himalayan lower districts, with viewpoints on Annapurna and Dhaulagiri peaks toward the north. On meeting up at Juphal our trekking staff will get you, who have walked the entire separation from Nepalgunj with the outside device and sustenance supply taking 5-6 days. Here at Juphal, a short 2-3 hrs walk around the airstrip prompts our medium-term camp at Dunai town. Our first-day experience begins with an hour downhill walk around the town underneath the airstrip, by then driving through the terraced fields to the Bheri River and the tight precipice taking 2-3 hours to camp at Dunai. This is a significantly greater town or little township, with another facility and it is administrated headquarter of the Dolpo region. Here we have copious vitality for an unwinding walk around the town.

Day 05: Trek to Tarakot (2,850 m/9,348 ft), 5-6 hrs 

Today our trek leads through various little streams and seeks after the Bheri and Barbung conduit in a colossal gorge with pine trees and a brilliant path worked around seven-meter over the conduit, after a fair walk coming to Tarakot where distinctive terraced fields invite us. Tarakot is an old post town worked by the area people as Dzong or stronghold. Tarakot was the capital before the Gorkha organization. The prestigious Sandul Gompa lies increasingly remote east from Tarakot and at the crossing point of Barbung Khola and Tarup chu (conduit). The town stays on a hillock to the south of Bheri River at one time regulated assembling of tolls for the trading escorts. The medium-term camp is made by the stream around 150 m underneath the town, near the police post or we climb a grandiose edge for an hour to the town on a prod, where there are Chorten in a Gompa on the edge of verdant dimension, with a solitary tree. We settle camp for the medium-term.

Day 06: Trek to Khani Gaon (2,543m/8,341ft), 3-4 hrs 

Our course from here seeks after the Tarap chu stream upstream, crossing by expansion and convergence a comparative conduit twice. The path leads through the farmyards and common towns of Sahartera and bending a tiny bit at a time towards a little settlement of Kola after 3-4 hrs of the good morning walk. From this spot dive with few ups to accomplish our medium-term camp at Khani Gaun with another 2 hours of the trek and medium-term camp near to the town porch.

Day 07: Trek to Tarap Khola (3,450m/11,316ft), 4-5 hrs 

The trek keeps walking around the gap of the Tarap River, every so often near to it, at others climbing high above on a trail worked out from douse inclines. On travel, we are likely going to encounter people from Dolpo gathering their groups of sheep and goats to cut downfield for the winter. In transit, there are various possible campgrounds by the conduit. The walk is stimulating, as the valley winds up the limited gully that in specific spots you can ricochet beginning with one side then onto the following. All over the path vanishes for quite a while, making our own specific manner transversely over stone pieces fitted on logs amidst the dividers which go about as a platform. The ravine also gives surprising background and energizes. In specific spots, the frameworks are either hurt or washed by the rainstorm flood, and we may choose to cross the cold deluge by strolling and medium-term at camp by the stream close before Kamattarka town.

Day 08: Trek to Yak Kharka (3800 m/12,464 ft), 4-5 hrs 

Today, as our procedure with our voyage we start our walk pleasantly and with the most wonderful scenes and will reach Yak Kharka. We will eat at the focal point of the way. Camp will be set up as already and we medium-term at rose camp at Yak Kharka.

Day 09: Trek to Dho Tarap (4,090 m/13,415 ft), 5-6 hrs 

Our morning walks begin with a dynamic up-driving us at Kamattarka at the point of the Tarap Chu and Lang Khola, a stream spilling out of the east. Following a couple of extensive stretches of good morning walk, leaving the limited precipice, from here the way leads basically above tree lines for juniper support and wild rose, basic of dry inside Himalayan valleys. An extra 3 hours or more walk passes for us to the town of Dho Tarap incorporated by a sporadic stone divider. At Dho, thirty – four houses are apportioned into three get-togethers and certain an erratic way. In this Valley, both Bon Po and Chaiba groups stay together.

Day 10: Rest Day at Dho Tarap for acclimatization

Justified rest day free from the issue of squeezing today and a chance to make buddies with neighborhood individuals who have barely watched westerners for quite a while. The Dolpo people wear homespun articles of clothing that are occasionally shaded maroon and they bolster Tibetan style samba or dacha (boots with upturned toes) for footwear. The two individuals consistently wear religious charms and strings of coral, brilliant, and turquoise. The overall public of the area is both Bon Po and Nyingmapa of the Buddhist group. The Buddhist Gompa is contiguous to the camp while the Bon Gompa (pre-Buddhist) is around thirty minutes’ walk.

Day 11: Trek to Tokyu Gaun (4200 m/13,776 ft), 5-6 hrs 

After a heavenly time here at Dho Tarap, our voyage continues towards the upper Tarap valley, the walk follows in this plain valley with a fixed of rich verdant grass on the opposite sides of the stream, which is absolutely not equivalent to various bits of inner Dolpo. The trek on this great track leads from the Tarap chu upstream the entire separation. Tarap is totally a dream valley with colossal fields with high mountains, expanding twenty-kilo meters along the stream Tarap Chu, having ten towns with creating fields of grain, buckwheat, wheat, and potato. After 3-4 hours of good walk around this perfect quietness heading off to the town of Tokyu, it has a religious network having a spot with the Chiba association. After a break here our walk continues with progressively removed up, this valley climbing the cruel track for all intents and purposes an extra three hours to accomplish our medium-term camp underneath the Numa-la and medium-term camp on the field.

Day 12: Trek underneath Numala pass (4665 m/15301 ft), 4-5 hrs 

Today, we start our trek after breakfast with a pleasant view yet expanding high statures and fell short unwinding. We will have a brief day anyway feel negligible hard in the midst of the walk. To be sure, even a remarkable day at the high stature and we’ll reach the camp for the medium-term.

Day 13: Cross Numala (5,190 m/17,023 ft), and camp at Phedi, 6-7 hrs 

This is one of the long and troublesome days in the midst of the trek. Today we cross the most imperative go in the midst of this trek where you may feel troublesome anyway can be seen a remarkable view takes 6-7 hrs and after best at Numala, we will plunge another base part known as Phedi and medium-term.

Day 14: Trek and cross Baga La (5,070 m/16,630 ft) and camp, 5-6 hrs 

Our experience continues within the wake of convergence of Numa, La goes at 5,190m, the track prompts drench climb the entire separation to the best edge of Numa la with exceptional viewpoints on the scene of the incorporating scene of valleys, mountains including the north face of the Dhaulagiri massif nearby other detachment snow-topped zeniths. following a splendid moment at the pass, practically three hours of the downhill walk takes to Palungtang or progressively far off for the medium-term camp just before Baga-la or Basi-la pass, dependent upon the range of walk and wellbeing of the all-inclusive community, if everybody is alright and on time, our trek may leads over the Baga-la to camp on the contrary side of this pass making it less requesting for the next day.

Day 15: Trek to Ringmo (3,600 m/11,808 ft), 6-7 hrs

The morning trek starts with a shaky move to accomplish the edge best of Baga-la at 5,070m, which offers sensational points of view on the enveloping scenes and of the faraway snow-topped apexes of Kanjirowa Himal run, following an exceptional moment here our walk prompts a fall for 2 hours through the pine woodlands, on leaving the forested areas the country and the vegetation changes for field and high shrubs nearly the whole method to Ringmo on the relentless inclinations with a couple of good and awful occasions as we accomplish our last objective at Ringmo and the pearl peaceful Lake of Phoksundo.

Day 16: Rest day at Ringmo and for a move to Phoksundo Lake (3,730 m/12,234 ft)

The nearby Tibetan Buddhist house is certainly supported even in spite of a visit, like the town of Ringmo. A walk part course around the lake is in like manner genuinely beguiling and loosening up. This is a remarkable day examining the lake domains and with unimaginable points of view medium-term at camp.

Day 17: Trek to Pungmo town (3170 m/10397 ft), 4-5 hrs 

Your day starts the following night at this wonderful campground other than the obvious waters of the lake we recall our steps down to Sumlo from where we will seek after the trail northwest up the Pungmo Nala to the little Bon town of Pungmo. The camp is there up near the town following an extensive bit of the day’s walk. Eating adequate of it.

Day 20: Trek to Hurikot village (3,600 m/11,808 ft), 5-6 hrs 

Our trek following the Garpung Khola high above it along the correct bank the trail turns north over the juncture with the Jagdulla Khola to plunge down to the Army Check Post. In the wake of the intersection, the Jadulla Khola to the correct bank here the trail pursues all around the forested valley to the town of Huyrikot where the camp is set up through the evening.

Day 21: Trek to Chaurikot (3060 m/10036 ft), 5-6 hrs walk

Today check the stream falling off the Jagdull Lekh the trail goes up along the edge toward the northwest to climb the Barbary Lekh Pass at an elevation of about 3810m/12,500ft. This is a longish steady ascension and the pass itself is an along Ridgeline very not at all like generally passes. Perspectives north towards the Kanjiroba Himal are fine from here. Slipping into thick timberland of pine, spruce, fir, and oak camp is made in a woodland cleaning alongside the stream streaming down the valley.

Day 22: Trek to Chorte Gompa (3,200 m/10496 ft), 5-6 hrs walk

Today our trek driving from camp beneath Barbary Lekh pursue the trail downstream through oak and pine timberland to the town of Corte another little settlement of the recently settled town. We set camp on fine glades past the town.

Day 23: Trek to Gothi Chaur (2,700 m/8856 ft), 4-5 hrs walk

We following the Tila stream the trail keeps running beneath the towns of Munigaun and the Kurigaun to move up a side stream descending from the left barely shy of Guthigaun climbing relentlessly the sheep ranch at Guthichaur. This is our outdoor place for now.

Day 24: Trek to Jumla (2,370 m/7,773 ft), 6-7 hrs walk

Our last day of trekking starts gradually and bit by bit, dropping down an extremely dazzling valley from high snow-capped fields, through magnificent woods, and in the end into a fruitful very much cultivated valley. It has entirely little towns, for example, Padmara and the track isn’t excessively steep and following a similar stream right down to Jumla. This makes a pleasant circuit and abstains from having a recurring piece of the outward trek. On coming to Jumla the rest of the evening can be spent investigating the bustling business sector town.

Day 25: Fly from Jumla to Kathmandu with a brief stop at Nepalgunj

Early morning 30 minutes clearing superb trip to Nepalgunj over the Himalayan lower regions, disregarding shocking perspectives on the snow-topped pinnacles. On landing in Nepalgunj relying on the corresponding flight timetable to Kathmandu. On the off chance that it’s toward the evening, we will have time, a couple of hours for refreshment in the solace of the Hotel at Nepalgunj. We at that point associate with a trip back to Kathmandu and got an exchange for your inn.

Day 26: Leisure at Kathmandu

It’s likewise an extra day if there should arise an occurrence of awful climate in Jumla. This charming day you may have an entire day of relaxation on your own or can expand your additional outing with us on extra expense or time to investigate the Thamel for a day ago shopping and night organization will meet you for the goodbye supper.

Day 27: Departure from Kathmandu

Today is free or a minute ago looking for trinkets or blessings to your family, companions, or relatives for you until your takeoff, flight/drive or to initiate any additional outings or exercises you may have booked with us. On the off chance that leaving, you’ll be exchanged to the International Airport for your takeoff trip to your onwards goal.

What is included
  • Airport pickups and drops,
  • 3-star category hotel,
  • All meals Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner,
  • Tea house accommodation and camping,
  • Farewell dinner,
  • Transportation,
  • Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Juphal-Nepalgunj-KTM flight ticket,
  • Kathmandu sightseeing,
  • Guide and porters salary, insurance, accommodation, food airfare,
  • All essential permits and documents,
  • Necessary general Medicine,
  • Taxes.
What is not included
  • Nepal entry visa fee,
  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu,
  • Rescue operation,
  • Your travel insurance,
  • Personal expenses (phone call, laundry, wifi, all kinds of drinks including water, Hot shower, hot bucket,
  • Extra food and extra porter, tea, coffee during the trek,
  • Tips for all field staff, it is highly expected.
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