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Top 9 Highlights of Everest base camp trek

July 1, 2020

Top 9 Highlights of Everest base camp trek

Main Highlights of Everest base camp trek

Khumbu region is rich in Mountain massif and also the land of Sherpa people. There are many unique things to be up close with; however, the Main Highlights of the Everest base camp trek should not miss. EBC trek will not be complete if you skip some of the major highlights.

The Everest base camp trek is a world-class adventure trip, located in Solukhumbu Nepal. It is not only a walking trip; it is also a popular place to explore the unique various traditions of  Sherpa’s.

There are ample places along the trails to have rest and food. On your route onward, you trek along the Dudh Koshi river, pass some local villages, farmlands, suspension Bridges, alpine zone, and Buddhist Chorten.

Our Everest base camp trip starts with a 30-minute flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. From Lukla, we trek continue ascent on your route to Namche Bazaar. Lukla to Namche is 6 hours Journey but 4 hours of the walk-in truly pleasant likewise today is the day to see the first view of Mount Everest.

We acclimatize at Namche for two Nights then trek to Tangboche, Debuche, Dingboche, Lobuche, Gorakshep, Everest base camp according to our Itinerary and Guide.

In a year, the best months for the Everest base camp trek are in October, November, and March-May. It is warm Months which is safer and easier for tourists. During this trek, trekkers stop at guest houses/Lodges, where they serve breakfast, lunch & Dinner. Similarly, this trek is an adventure thus, your physical fitness and mental preparation are mandatory for our successful trek.

EBC trek is an almost two weeks journey in the high-altitude area as it is cold. Therefore, trekkers have to be well prepared with warm clothes before they begin their EBC trek. Bring what you use in the Himalayas and the rest you can store in a city hotel.

Almost 80 % of trekkers of Everest base camp have inquiries like how difficult is Everest base camp, what are the major highlights during Everest base camp? What kind of accommodation and food, is there in the lodge? They always Google, this type of Topics thus, safe holiday adventure decided to make related topics of Everest base camp and their Answers.

At least, few major highlights of the Everest base camp trek shouldn’t miss while trekking in the Everest region.

1. Lukla – A beautiful Sherpa town & gateway of Everest trekking


Take on at Lukla airport

Lukla Tenzing, Hillary airport is a Main Highlight of the Everest base camp trek.

It is a popular Sherpa settlement in the Solukhumbu district of Nepal. It is on the northeast side of Kathmandu. The height of Lukla is 2,860 meters where hundreds of Everest trekkers fly in and out in one day.

Lukla is a Sherpa’s Town but for a few years, there are some other people who run businesses. However, mainly Lukla is famous for Sherpa and there are about 1200 people.

Lukla is also known as a Tenzing Hillary airport. And it is the main gate of Everest visitors. Trekkers from the globe, they scare to go to Everest trekking just because of the Lukla flight. But it is not a dangerous airport all year. You are right, in 2009 it was listed as a world’s dangerous Airport but now the kit is not so many things maintained and increased technical services. The airport is very short only 575 meters long and narrow but experienced mountain pilots make it easy.

If you missed buying your trekking gear or financial things you can solve them here at Lukla. There are choices of shops to buy them. The bargain is not really practiced in the Mountain but you are suggested to check the price in different stores.

2. Explore Sherpa’s culture and traditions

Stupa in Everest trek

Exploring the local Sherpa traditions and their typical cultures the number one major highlight of Everest base camp trekking. Sherpa people are originated from the Mountain and they have their own way of living, their own language, festivals, and professions. The Sherpa people celebrate the Mani Rimdu festival, Losar festival, and Dumje festival once a year.

Sherpa people are mostly skillful and trained because they grew up in high elevations. They have experienced mountain climbers from generation to generation.

Sherpa people are very welcoming and helpful. In general, they used to live in the Solukhumbu district, Sankhuwasabha, Taplejung, etc. However, if you are curious about the mountain life of the Sherpa people, the Everest base camp trek is the perfect way to encounter it.

3. Everest base camp- world tallest mountain,

Mount Everest trekking

Everest base camp is a climax spot of Everest base camp trek/trip. There are many eye-catching natural and cultural Attractions but the base of Mount Everest is probably the best highlight ever.

The Everest base camp is 8 days Journey from Lukla and is standing at 5364 meters. The Everest base camp is the main spot for Everest climbers. They camp there for their climbing preparation. Likewise, the EBC is the final destination of Everest base camp trekkers.

Heavenly-made EBC is out of permanent camp as it is 2 hours away from Gorakshep. It is the last settlement of the Everest Base Camp trek. People who reach Everest base camp, have unbelievable experiences of high mountains, the formation of Ice-fall, Glacier, and sky-touching giant Everest Massif.

From the campsite of Everest base, you are rewarded with a spectacular view of Pumori, Lingdern, Nuptse, Changgatse, Khumbutse. The view of Everest is not clearly seen from the base camp. But while you are walking gradually towards Gorakshep, there are few spots from where you can observe Mt. Everest.

The Everest base camp is really crowded during the season of the expedition. In the month of April, March, and May there will be hundreds of Everest climbers, guides, porters, Sherpa, and they all camp at the base of Everest. Next, during the Peak trekking season in Nepal the Everest camp, will be busy. For example, trek during the autumn season (Sep- Nov) and spring (March to May). In these seasons, the weather and temperature

4. Hillary Museum and Sagarmatha National park Photo gallery:

Serpa museum/sagarmatha museum

During your Everest base camp trek, you have also a chance to visit Hillary Museum. It is located on the top of Namche Bazaar. The Hillary museum and Sagarmatha photo gallery give you so much unexpected information about Mountain people and their profession. This museum opens all day and it is for all Everest trekkers and climbers.

The name of this museum was created after Sir Edmund Hillary. It is an old Museum of the Khumbu region. People visit this museum and photo gallery for research purposes because there are many superstitions and old cultural phenomena.

Inside Hillary’s museum and photo gallery, you can read and gain so much information related to the Sherpa community. After visiting the Hillary museum you will have knowledge of Local Sherpa culture, architect, way of living, handmade utensils, traditional agriculture, History of mountain climbers, etc. There are many old pictures of the Khumbu collected by local people. The old photograph shows lots of information which is hard to believe.

After Hillary museum, we short visit Sagarmatha national park photo gallery. It is very near to go. We can read a lot of information there too, mostly about the Khumbu region and Imja valley. At some time while we are visiting the museum and photo gallery we are acclimating to.  We have a spectacular view of Mt. Ama-Dablam, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Everest, Thamserku, and other adjoining peaks from Gallery spot.

5. The Namche Bazaar-3450 m

Namche Bazaar is a well-managed settlement in the Khumbu region. It is now quite crowded because of newly made guest houses and additional Touristic business. There are more than 50 Guesthouses and few Luxury Hotels. No doubt, at Namche any types of tourist become happy. It is a hub of the Khumbu, filled with shops, glossary, ATM Machine, pub, bar, monastery, restaurant, bakery, and many more….

Namche Bazaar is a busy town because it is also a trademark of the Khumbu region. People come here for shopping each week. Namche is a delightful mountain town populated by local Sherpa people mostly. The views of Kongde, Thamserku, Kusum-kangaroo are just Decorative in the background.

On the way to Everest base camp, Gokyo trek, or climbing whatever, Namche bazaar is the first place, where people spent two nights acclimatization. If you have something to buy you can check them here.

Another interesting fact of Namche bazaar is the Saturday market. It is a traditional way of selling and buying goods. Every week on Friday after 1 pm and full Saturday there is a pen market at the edge of Namche bazaar.

More Fact about Namche Bazaar.

6. Tengboche:

Gomba at Tangboche

On your Everest base camp trek, Tangboche is one of the best spots to view the Everest massif and we stay here. On our 4th day of the walk, trails take us here at Tangboche-3890 meters. It is situated on the top of the hill and we have both side valley views.

The main attraction of Tangboche is, To observe the chanting ceremony in the morning and in the evening. This monastery is Popular for the renowned oldest Monastery and the monks pray and chant every day. It is so peaceful hill station for the cultural aspect and Natural aspect both.

Tengboche is the largest Monastery in the Himalayas of Nepal.

The best of Tangboche is to visit the Monastery during the Mani Rimdu festival. It is generally held in early November or October. They finalize the day of the Festival according to their Buddhist lunar calendar.

If you are trekking to the Everest region or Everest base camp Tangboche should not be Miss as it is a beautiful spot to collect lots of memories from the Himalayas of Nepal.

From Tangboche, we can see the magical views of Mount Everest, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, and other adjoins mountains of the Khumbu region.

7. Sagarmatha National park

Sagarmatha is a Nepali word so translating in English is Everest. Sagarmatha national parks are wide covers an area of 1,148 sq. Km. It is a popular protected national park in Nepal. The UNESCO world heritage site listed also this national park because here there is Mount Everest (the tallest peak in the world). The national park preserves many rare wildlife animals, endangered plants, and biodiversity.

In this park, you can observe some rare animals such as Himalayan Thar, Himalayan black bear, Blackbuck, Deer, and snow leopard.

The Sagarmatha national park begins in Monjo. The Everest visitors need to have Sagarmatha national park permits. The cost of it is $33 US tourists, $15 US for Mountain Guide, similarly, 50 Rupee for the porter to enter.

If you have a valid passport with you, you can obtain a permit from Monjo straight. The next, before and after your trek, you have to check in and check out your Permit at Manju Sagarmatha National park office.

8. Gigantic Khumbu Glacier

Khumbu icefall

Khumbu Glacier is located between Lhotse and Nuptse. It is northeast of Nepal.

Khumbu Glacier begins from Everest base camp on the edge of Douglas. It is huge and very long. The Khumbu Glacier is about 12 km long. Everest Khumbu Glacier is also the world’s highest Glacier comprise of massif Khumbu ice-fall. The view of the Khumbu Glacier from Kalapthar hill station is just indescribable. There are thousands of small ice lakes, movable rocks, and extremely cold temperatures.

Khumbu Glacier ends at Lobuche where the glacier melts. The melting water flows straight down to Imjavalley than to Dudh Koshi. The Everest submitter who has died while climbing them all is resting inside Khumbu Glacier. There are 15% of people out of 100 who they demise while climbing Everest.

However, Khumbu Glacier is a heavenly made huge area where thousands of people visit every week.

9. Food Everest base camp trek

In the Himalayas, food could be any Taste but in the Everest base camp trek, you can get unexpected quality and fresh food. There is a clean kitchen and train cook who will serve your food very quickly. Many trekkers ask about food on the treks as it is important. So, the food is listed in the Menu during the trek, from where you can give them orders.

There are quite varied foods such as Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Italian and local food. If you taste the local Sherpa food or Nepali Dhalbhat set you surely enjoy and experience different food.

However, you can choose the following foods from the menu:

  • Nepali Dhalbhat set to serve with Rice, Dhal soup, vegetable, veg curry, pap-dam, and pickle),
  • Dumpling food – Momo
  • Verity of soups,
  • Friend rice, fried Noodles, Pasta, Pizza, sizzler and bread,
  •  Bread, instant Noodle soup, serials, friend egg, egg & Chicken curry so on…,
  • Selected Cold drinks are also available in the guest house and along the trails,
  • Alcoholic drinks are also Available but after 3500 meters you better not drink for your safety.

However, during your Everest base camp trek, you don’t need to carry any food that you can obtain along the trails.

If you are still more curious about the Everest base camp trek, you have information here EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK FAQs.

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