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Top 14 essential information for Annapurna khopra hill trekking

August 5, 2019

Top 14 essential information for Annapurna khopra hill trekking

Annapurna Khopra hill trekking is a perfect alternative trails to Poonhill trek and it takes you to the top of Khopra Ridge(Danda), provides you such a  Best prospective view of Entire Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain range.

It is less touristy remote area trails – the khopra trek is also known as Khopra khayar Lake trek, khopra Ridge trek and Remote area short trek in Annapurna Region.

Table of content:

  1. Major Khopra trek highlights,
  2. Facts of khopra trek
  3. Khopra trek introductions,
  4. Khopra trek short itinerary,
  5. Best trekking seasons for Khora trek
  6. Khopra trek map,
  7. Khopra trek price
  8. Food and accommodation access:
  9. Is khopra hill trek difficult?
  10. Is khopra hill trek expensive?
  11. What should I take for khopra hill trekking?
  12. What are the major risks during khopra hill trek?
  13. Risk of Acute Mountain sickness (AMS) during khopra trek.
  14. How important taking guide or porter for khopra hill trek?

Major Khopra trek highlighs:

  • Enjoy your walk through the dense forest of Rhododendron, fir and oak,
  • Visit religious area near by Khora top,
  • Step onward khopra Danda(Ridge) to see the breathtaking Views of Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167 m), Mt. Machhapuchhre (6993 m), Annapurna I (8091 m), Nilgiri (7163 m) and so many beautiful mountain peaks.
  • An unique experiences staying with locals and in their Community home stay,
  • It is less touristy trails in Annapurna throughout the Greenery lawn alpine meadows and few stunning view points.
  • If you weak up early in the morning you will also get chance to see sunrise panorama view over Massif Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.

Trek facts:

Trek starts: Nayapul

Trek ends: Tatopani

Per day walk: 5 to 7 hrs

Max. Altitude: 3640 m (Khopra ridge) & 4,660 m (Kayer Lake)

Trek style: Tea House & Community lodge base,

Trek difficulties: moderate,

Trek group size: 1 up to 20 People

Best seasons: Spring (March to May) & autumn (Sep. to Nov)

Essential permit: ACAP permit ($30 US) & TIMS ($20 US)- Per person

Risk of AMS: Very rare case

Khopra Trek introduction:

If you are not satisfy trekking in the most popular and crowded area than khopra trekking will be the best alternative. It is about week-long trekking on the very remote trails with magnificent views.

Annapurna khopra trekking trails follows small hiking route that will takes you to the greenery wide valley which is located in the north side of most popular trek the Ghorepani poon hill.

The route of khora ridge, ascents gradually through the forest after you pass the valley and trek continue up to Khopra Ridge and it is a best spot to see sunrise and all Annapurna mountain panorama, hence No doubt khopra trekking is less touristy and best short trek in Annapurna region.

Only very few Travelers know about this remote trekking route, this is why it is very peaceful trek. While trekking around khopra route it combines such a best views, for example the pastoral villages, Buddhist prayer flags, stone made resting places, Dazzling mountain views, paddy field with picturesque terrace and chances to observe some rare wild animals.

If you are well equipped and got tent and food than you are still recommended to go further up from Khora  Danda , that will makes even more enjoyable trek.

The Annapurna Khopra hill trekking itself is remote and most of the time you will be walking through the forest therefore you have to have experienced Guide with you and porter for your safety and also they will organize all your food and accommodation before you reach at community lodge and tea houses every day.

Kopra trekking short itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu (1400m)

Day 2: Flight to Pokhara and same day trek to Hile/Thikhedunga (1500 m):25 Min Flight & 3 hrs walk

Day 3: Trek from Thikhedunga to Ghorepani(2875 m): 6 hrs walk

Day 4: Trek from Thikhedunga to Upper Chistibung(3000 m): 6 hrs walk

Day 5: Trek from Upper Chistibung to Khopra Danda(3640 m):3 hrs walk

Day 6: Rest day in Khopra Danda- you may explore beautiful Khyaer Lake(4660 m) and back to Khopra Danda: 8 hrs walk

Day 7: Khopra Danda to Tatopani(1250 m): 4 to 5 hrs walk

Day 8: Drive from Tatopani to Pokhara (850 m): 4 hrs drive

Day 9: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu (1400 m)

Day 10: Departure to homewards

Best trekking seasons for khora trek:

In general, the best trekking seasons are autumn and spring in Nepal, although the autumn season (Sep to Nov) is the best for various reasons.

The 2nd most visited trekking season in Nepal is spring (march to May), this trekking season in Nepal provides you various highlights from Annapurna mountain region.

A. Khopra trekking during spring season:

Trekking and hiking in spring season in Nepal is 2nd best time and it is known as Nepal best peak season. During the year march and April: two months are the best months to trek in Nepal, is known as the spring season.

If you are happy to hike and trek on peaceful trails than February is also quite nice month to see the wonderful Himalayan panorama, but it is not included months in spring season.

Spring season in Nepal is a dry season after winter but it is second best trekking season in Nepal. Due to the enough visibility, good weather, no rain, clean trails, no risk of avalanches and landslides are the major reason why spring season is god for hike and trek in Nepal.

The Temperature in the mountain during spring season rise up until about 25 degree, during the day likewise at night and early morning temperature drops down very quickly until 6.

Annapurna Khopra hill trekking is relatively a moderate category trails so that , if you are trekking in spring season in that area, you will have a great walking experiences with the colorful rhododendron flowers along the route makes your trip even more meaningful.

B. Khopra trekking during autumn season:

The best time/months visiting Nepal for the purpose of trekking and hiking is autumn season. From mid of September to End of November is an autumn season in Nepal. It is just after monsoon time therefore the rain cleans the sky, and the visibility increased rapidly, which helps you to see the towering tall mountains peak and rolling green hills.

During autumn season, the rain stops, greenery are almost everywhere, which is great for photograph, the sky get often clear, the waterfalls got enough water, rivers looks clear and bigger though and the temperature will be  mild compare to other trekking season

The temperature during autumn season at khopra trek will be about 20 degree in a day and at night and early morning drops down about 4 degree.

Khopra hill trek map:

Khopra hill trekking price:

Khopra trek is located in Midwest north of Nepal, in Annapurna conservation area. It is moderate category trek based on tea house and community lodge.

It is located in Midwest north of Nepal, in Annapurna conservation area. It is moderate category trek based on tea house and community lodge.

In this beautiful remote area trek the accommodation and foods are not so expensive during this hot week trek in Annapurna region, even though it is little bit off the beaten path trails, might be slight more than Poon hill trek.

The next, In this trek the price will depends on few major things such as trekking group size, package base trek or not, number of guides and porters, fly or by bus to/from Pokhara, total trekking days all of these circumstances determine the price in general. However trekking to khopra hill for a week with all inclusive prices per person cost $690 US. To make you more declare the price 690 US will cover your Kathmandu/Pokhara/Kathmandu transport, three times foods during khopra trek, Community base lodge, experienced English speaking guide, porter (2:1), guide salary, Pokhara and Kathmandu hotel as per itinerary, pick and drop services TIMS & ACAP permits.

The package base trekking to khopra hill trek is highly recommended as it is stress less and more enjoyable.

Food and accommodation access:

Trekking and hiking trips will not be complete without food and Accommodation as it is really important factors.

Stunning Annapurna Khopra hill trekking is a less touristy trails in the Annapurna region furthermore there are no roads and other way to supply the goods for visitors and locals therefore food need to be ordered on your estimation so that you don’t waste the food.

Basically, foods during Khopra hill trek are provided by ea houses and community lodges running by local people. There are quite some choices for foods such as Nepali food, Indian foods, Tibetan foods, western foods but the way of cooking is local base technology therefore don’t expect professional cooking but they will serve fresh and healthy foods.

The most common foods during Khopra hill trekking are: ( Mo:mo, fried rice, chapatti, boiled eggs, fried eggs, vegetable curry, Egg curry, plain rice, Nepali Dal Bhat set, Fried noodles, Rolls, Gurung bread(deep fried surgery bread), porridge, out porridge, instant noodles soup, pasta so on…

Because of remote trails in this area, you are suggested not to have meat item foods, as it is not fresh and need to be carried by porter for many days. The price of meals in this trek cost 4 to $10 US Per meal.

Similarly the standard of accommodation during khopra hill trek is very basic. The accommodation will be sharing with other trekkers as they have only limit lodges running by local people. The accommodation will be cheaper in this trek. 3 USD to 10 USD is the range of price for accommodation during khopra hill trek.

If you are using your electrical devices or cameras then you better to keep your own power bank or solar to charge your devices because in this trek there are hardly few lodge provides you the place to charge and it is payable too.

Is khopra hill trek difficult?

It is moderate trekking path in Annapurna region. If you are physically well and able to walk 4 to 7 hours a day on your own pace then khopra trek will be your great destination to visit.

If you have experienced guide, got some medicine for basic conditions, have porters, insurance in case of emergency then you are able to make it even if you are simply fir or first time in the trekking.

The maximum altitude you are heading in this trek is khopra ridge which is below 4000 m high which means there are very rare cases to have Altitude mountain sickness.

However, khopra hill trekking is not a difficult trekking trail but simply suggested to follow the advice from your travel agency or guide.

Is khopra trek expensive?

The cost of trekking generally depends on your plan Interest and Budget. Likewise, the group size, services, standard of hotel in city and lodges in the mountain, number of staff for the trek will determine the price of the trek.

However, the khopra trek is relatively easy and budget trek cost about $600 to $700 US per person. The price includes all your essential things for entire khopra hill trekking. Such as your meals, accommodations, transportation, hotel in city, guide, porter, permits all included.

Furthermore, if anybody looking for khopra trek but can’t spent that amount of money then you are suggested to hire a guide instead of taking all inclusive packages. You can ask with some trekking agency just to make permit and pay some service charges than hire a guide for the trek. The cost hiring experienced guide a day cost about $30 US, this amount he will use it for food, salary, accommodations.

Package pace Khopra trekking is truly stress free and wonderful way to explore the area.

What should I take for khopra hill trekking?

Khopra trekking is not really a simple hiking route. It is relatively easy but it is not easy.

Without having any problems to complete the trek, you should have enough trekking equipment. It is not really a freezing cold trekking destination but at least you should bring general trekking gears such as sleeping bag, down jacket, wind proof jacket, trekking paints, pair of socks, trekking shoes, warm hat, sun glass, sun cream, trekking pools and gloves.

During this beautiful short trek your food and accommodation will be provided by the community lodge and essential trekking gears need to be carried by you.

If you need more information about trekking gears then here is the link.

What are the major risks during khopra hill trek?

Trekking is an adventure sport, you may get some problems. There are many risks while trekking in the high mountain region but khopra hill trek is not that risk relatively.

The major risk you may occur during this trek is landslides, avalanches, heavy rain, earthquake, strong wind, risk of wild animals and thief.

If you are trekking during spring and autumn you will skip almost all natural disasters except earthquake and trekking with local guides or porters will be the safe way to explore the region without any risk associated with khopra hill trekking.

Risk of Acute Mountain sickness (AMS) during khopra trek.

Actuate Mountain sickness is a serious problem especially if you are trekking alone, don’t have medicine and no insurance but the other side taking a local guide, well coverage insurance, got medicine is the way to be safe during the trek.

The khopra hill trek is a not that risk trails for AMS, because you are hiking maximum until , which is below the risk of AMS. However, you have to be prepared with all gears, medications and need to keep some important tips for the trek:

  • Drink lots of water( warm water, tea are even better 3 – 4 ltr a day),
  • Walk slow and keep your body hydrated,
  • Walk higher than you are sleeping every day during the trek,
  • If you have any uncomfortable just share with your guide or with groups,
  • Take a rest whenever you have excessive breathing,
  • Try to eat high calorie foods for your energy,
  • Take some energy bars in your bags,
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Eat fresh food,
  • Don’t drink the water from the storage tank, galleon or drums.
  • Keep your warm body,

How important taking guide or porter for khopra hill trek?

  • There are rules no doubt taking guide compulsory but only restricted area on wards. Taking a guide and porters is highly suggested for your memorable and safe trek.
  • Khopra trekking is a week hiking destination where very few percentage of trekkers visit it therefore without guide and porters you may forget the route. There are only few community base lodges       in distance one to another thus, trekking to khopra hill with guide or porter is the best way to explore the region and at same time you are giving job for local guide and porters.
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