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Trekking in Nepal without a Mountain Guide

March 10, 2018

Trekking in Nepal without a Mountain Guide

Trekking in Nepal without a Mountain Guide is always a Contradiction topic however, it is really important that having a trained Guide in the Mountain is a truly safe way to explore the Country.

There are many trekking Regions and so many trekking routes in Nepal. Trekking can be done for sure in many popular regions but there is some restricted area trek such as Manaslu, Dolpo, upper Mustang area where obligatory to hire Government Authorized Guide who have trained by Nepal Tourism board. When travelers especially go to Restricted area trek than you should have a guide as they have Shorten rules.

Nepal is a small Country located in South East Asia. Nepal is also known as a Country of Mountain, Nature, and birthplace of Lord Buddha, However, mainly there are many Travelers used to come to explore the many high range of Mountains especially Everest Region & Annapurna Region.  Nepal is an average Country for holiday expenses even for Asia travelers as they have very cheap Accommodation, Food, Touring activities and trekking. The Culture and various Ethnicity also a part of attractions besides trekking in Nepal as it is a unique Topic for the researcher, Students, and Photographer.

Many travelers when they design or plan their Holiday trip to Nepal than they already think that Nepal is a Country of the Himalayan Kingdom Where people can visit world’s Tallest Mountain (Mt. Everest), Cultural city Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, and Patan as well as many adventurous activities. Trekking and Nepal are like synonym because out of 100 travelers about 80 % travelers come to Nepal for trekking and Touring purpose.

Nepal is a safe Country to Travel for your Holiday either you go to Mountain or City it is safe but when you go for trek or hike having a Guide is really effective who will take care you during your Holiday, also he manage your Accommodation in the Mountain, if in case if you are sick he will manage emergency Flight through trekking Agency so trekking in Nepal with Professional Guide is the finest way to explore the Culture, Traditions, feel secure where ever you travel around and also it is a big contribution to local people in same time. You can trek without Guide too but it is not always safe I would say because there are not good people only so you should think about your secure Holiday with lots of information with a guide that will make your meaningful Holiday but without guide you never know where is best to go, what sort of behave you should do with locals, what is Superstitions all of them need to be declared.

You can trek without Guide or porter to Everest Region, Annapurna Region, and other Hidden Valley area trek but you should have well Equipment, Trained for trek, need to speak English, & the most important thing is your android phone to see Google map because if you are trekking overpasses that would be dangerous without knowing the trail so if you are simply fit and have all the trekking gears than you can trek yourself except restricted area.

Trekking & Hiking you can do yourself without Guide if you are experienced travelers but in the case of Adventure Climbing  & Expiation things need to go formally and with definitely with climbing Guide.

Well, there are many sad and serious event had happened recently the Switzerland guy disappear as locals said a few weeks ago the guy wanted to Climb Lobuche peak in the Everest Region without guide and no permit then he died after few days this is only a simple example but there are many events had happened without having Professional guide or at list porter.  There are many Budget trekkers & Budget trekking trails, Luxury trekkers, and many others but somehow some travelers want to save money by not hiring Mountain Guide which is not good idea at all, if you are budget travelers or bag packer you can hire Mountain Freelance Guide but he needs to be authorized person who can make permit and all essential documentation before you trek.

Trekking in Nepal without a Mountain Guide & a Luxury trekking is an Excellence way to conquer the Country which is just perfectly managed from the date you arrive in Nepal till you go back to your Country. It sounds big amount of Money at the beginning but that is for all inclusive and Formal. But there are many Budget bag Packers, and low Budget travelers too who still want to make trek within limit Budget for that traveler this is the cost just to hire a Guide region ways:

Everest Region: $35 US a day

Annapurna Region: $30 US a day

Manalsu Region: $30 US a day

Upper Dolpo: $40 US a day

Upper Mustang: $35 US a day

And other trekking Regions:$ 30 US

Short hiking: $25 US a day

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