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Best time to Visit Nepal

August 30, 2020

Best time to Visit Nepal

Traveling anywhere is a bundle of memories. The vacation should be well prepared, informative, and special wherever you travel. And, you want to observe one by one with the right information. Similarly, you want to capture the Best Pictures of that particular area. Therefore, the Best time of year to Visit Nepal should be well known by travelers.

Most of the people do not have enough time to travel all the places thus they should find the best time of year. Traveling at the best time provides most of the attractions and you have real experiences, which makes your vacation worth it.

Nepal is a landlocked country in Asia that contains Top of the world (Mt. Everest-8848m). Birthplace Lord Buddha, Exotic, and Unique landscapes, Chain of Himalaya, Huge icy peaks, Glacier, Several National parks, cultural sites, world deepest valley, and Verdant jungle/forest. However, Nepal is abundant in Nature and Culture. There are many adventure activities you may try in Nepal. For Example, white water rafting, Bungee jump, Paragliding, Kayaking, and Canoeing, etc.

In Nepal, from east to west and North to South where ever you travel you will be greeted by Locals as they are friendly and helpful likewise and everything you see is mesmerized. Nepal is a hub land of Mountains where there are eight mountains over 8, 000m high out of 14 in the world. Nepal is a natural and best culturally beautiful country in Asia, where you will get the immense opportunity to witness the world-famous Mountains and incomparable local cultures.

Further, in Nepal, there are numerous climates and landscapes so that you are advised to travel at the right time in Nepal. Even though, you can travel all year in some places. The Best traveling months in Nepal are in autumn (September to November) & spring (March to May) Season. At this time you have crystal clear, stable weather, Mild Temperature, No rain and snow, the scenery along the path is picturesquely so, with many reasons autumns, and spring is the best time to Nepal for vacation/Holiday.

Without trekking in Nepal, your holiday will be incomplete because Nepal is a popular place for trekking and Hiking. Many travelers got illusions about Nepal that Nepal only has high Mountains and difficult trails to trek, which are all not true. Nepal offers adventure trek to Everest base camp, Manaslu trek, upper mustang, etc. And, Moderate trails to Annapurna circuit, Annapurna base camp, likewise easy trails to Ghorepani Poon hill, Mardi Himal, Khopra trek so on. However, as per your time, physical fitness, the budget you have many choices of trails for trekking in Nepal.

If you are planning your vacation in Nepal with the purpose of the trek or hike, then you should find the best trekking season as its most important. In Nepal, we have mainly four different seasons and all of them have different characteristics which are as bellows:

Autumn Season

Autumn season view from Tadapani

Magical View from Tadapani During Ghorepani Ghandruk trek

The Autumn Season covers a few months in a year from September to November. These months are probably the best for hiking and trekking in Nepal. Because during this period you will have a clear day, No Clouds in the sky, picturesque landscapes, Unbelievable view of white mountains, Mild Temperature, No risk of avalanches and Fresh air. So, for various reasons, trekking during the autumn season in Nepal is the best time and you will also collect many memories. The all wonderful achievements from trek make your worth it vacation.

The best part of this season is festivals. During this season you are lucky that you will get the opportunity to observe Nepalese biggest two different festivals Dasain and Tihar. During this festival, especially if you visit the countryside of Nepal you will have so many familiar cultures and the best way to celebrate.

Winter season

Best time to visit nepal- winter season

Snowy Poon hilltop

Winter Season falls during the months of December, January, and February in Nepal. Winter sounds super cold time in the year, but in Nepal is different. Compare to Western countries and their winter Nepal is not so bad. In the south and central Nepal, there is no snowfall even in the Winter season, which means in the North part of Nepal we have snowfall during winter. The north part of Nepal is known as the Himalayan area, were snowfalls in the winter season.

The Temperature in winter is quite cold, but still, you can travel to the south and central part of Nepal. On average, the coldest temperature drops to zero degrees, and during the day 10 to 12 degrees centigrade.

Spring Season

Best time to Visit Nepal- during spring season

Breathtaking Everest views from Namche Hilltop

The spring season is the second-best time for trekking and hiking in Nepal. A year from March to May is spring in Nepal and it is the best time for travelers.

The spring season offers the wonderful beauty of the Particular area. Many people are curious why the spring season is the best time for Nepal? Of course, there are many reasons why this season, but mainly several reasons a make it clear. The weather and temperature will be mild, flower blooms, blue skies, wonderful Mountain View, lush forest, scenic Landscapes, during the day are quite warm, almost no chance of snow and rain, Therefore Spring season is the optional best time (Season) To tour trek and hike in Nepal.

The temperature is just suitable for all ages people in the spring, during the day of the spring season the average temperature is about 20 to 24-degree centigrade and at Night about 10 to 14 degrees centigrade. If you are traveling to Nepal for trekking purposes, then the spring season is highly recommended.

Summer Season

Best time to Visit Nepal- summer season tour

Crossing Suspension Bridge while touring in Nepal.

From June to August in Nepal is Monson season.  The monsoon season is in the summer season and we have so much rain all around Nepal. In this season we have more humidity because of heavy rain and wet landscapes. Next, we have also more temperatures in summer.

In summer, especially June and July both two months are the months of rain. Therefore, in the central part of Nepal there are so many landslides and in the south flooding. Many tourists do not come to Nepal due to those reasons. The trails for hiking get blocked, no transport cause of road problems, leeches along the trails, and many more demerits.

On the other hand, trekking in Nepal during the summer season is best. If you are a zoologist, photographer, researcher, student, then monsoon is the best time. At this time, there are almost zero tourists in Nepal, and very peaceful. So for researchers, this time would be the best and meaningful.

Summer is the warmest season in the year, therefore, during the day the temperature rises up to 32 and at Night about 22 degrees centigrade.

Trekking in Nepal during autumn and spring is the best, but because of your time, job or intention if you want to trek during summer you can travel to Nepal. There are so many optional trails that were no risk of flood, landslides, and other related problems.

Nepal is a small nation, but there are various places with various temperatures, therefore any months in a year you can travel in.

When is the best time for mountain flights in Nepal?

Mountain Flight helicopter in Nepal

The best and ideal months for Mountain flights are in autumn (Sep. In Nov.) and spring (March to May). In these months, the weather and temperature are mild and clear. The skies are blue; Visibility is just insane, so you are advised to make your mountain flights during autumn and spring.

Similarly. Summer and winter season is not a good time for mountain flights because the days are cloudy, humidity, heavy rain, or snow plus the flights are not as safe as other autumn and spring season.

For Those visitors, who are unable to reach their destinations on foot, the Mountain flight is the one. It is a comfortable and luxurious trip that takes few hours only from Kathmandu.

When are the cheapest months to travel to Nepal?

The high tourist season in Nepal is considered to be September to November. And March to May. If you are traveling during these months your vacation will be relatively more expensive. So if you fly to Nepal in June, July, August, January, February, you will have the cheapest travel experience in Nepal.

But, if you are traveling to Nepal for the purpose of trekking or hiking then try to manage your holiday during the autumn and spring season.

When is the best time in Nepal for adventure activity?

The best time for adventure activities is in Spring and Autumn season, but for adventure sports, any month or season in a year is best. There is not really a label for adventure tours. In Nepal, you can have various adventure experiences at a reasonable price with friendly people.

Nepal offers, different adventure activities, for instance, Bungee jump, Everest Marathon competition, Zip Lining, Ultra-light flights, Paragliding, Rafting, cannoning, Jungle Walking, Hunting, and Honey Hunting.

When is the best time in Nepal to see local festivals?

Best time to visit in nepal- dasain festival

Tika day of Dasai festival in the countryside area of Nepal.

In Nepal, there are many festivals and the most popular festivals fall in September, October, and November. In Nepal, there are 126 different castes and ethnicities and they have more than 123 different languages,

On the basis of their dialogue or languages, they celebrate diffident festivals, their own customs, traditions, and privacy. You can’t manage your time for a year, but traveling to Nepal in autumn or winter offers you several festivals. The popular and largest festival of Nepal is Dasain and it falls in October or early November similarly Tihar (Dipawali) is the 2nd Biggest festival that falls in November.

However, if you are curious about Ancient Hindu culture and Buddhist culture, then you are welcome to Nepal during the season of autumn, spring and winter.

When is the best time for a Jungle safari in Nepal?

Chitwan tour

Chitwan tour

In southeast Asia, Nepal is quite popular for Jungle safari activities. There are several rare and endangered wild animals such as one horn Rhinoceros, Kade Vyakur, Black Bear, Panda, Bengal Tigers, and other little animals. Similarly, if you travel to Nepal in March or April you get a chance to see so many colorful birds.

Jungle safari tours in Nepal can be done at any time and month. Although, spring and autumn are best. If you are short on time and budget Chitwan jungle safari tour is suggested as it is close to the city and cheaper.

When is the best time for wild Honey Hunting?

Honey Hunting is a very traditional activity to have Pure Natural Honey. In central Nepal, when they harvest the crops from the farm, after that the locals go honey hunting.  The local people only use local tools for honey hunting and they go in a group. It is a type of celebration because the people go together, share knowledge, drink, talk, and dance, and also share the honey after completion. If you see the whole honey hunting process, you will be shocked at how the people from the countryside handling it. Honey hunting is not really common all around Nepal, but in Lamjung and Dhading districts is you can observe some of it.

What can I see, if I travel to Nepal during Monsoon?

Monsoon tour in Nepal

Natural waterfall along the trails

Monsoon season in Nepal is the time of rain and farmers replants rice at this time. As per the traditions of Nepal, while replanting the rice Nepalese people sings proper monsoon songs, Eat Yogurt with beaten rice and eventually, play with mud among their friends.  This celebration is from June 27 to 30 in between.

Each year, the farmers officially begin their rice planting on June 27 to 30 Then the person’s belief that rice plantation is begun. The tourist whoever come and join this traditional celebration, they get a golden opportunity to see local culture, customs, and interactions with locals. If you have a week’s holiday during the monsoon season in Nepal, you will be greeted by local farmers.

When is the best time for a Rafting tour in Nepal?

White Water Rafting Trip

Wonderful Rafting Experience At Trisuli river

The Best rafting month is the Monsoon season in Nepal. Because The level of rapids is very high and adventure. If you are an adventurous rafter the monsoon season is the best for a river rafting tour in Nepal.

But, river rafting during monsoon is not recommended for all kinds of rafter because the beginner monsoon level of rapids is too much and there will be problems and risks. Furthermore, river rafting is such a fun adventure journey with scenic views around. You can also visit Nepal during the wintertime for rafting here. Monsoon is the best time, but the next is winter time to have a wonderful river rafting tour in Nepal.

What are the best climbing months in Nepal?

Climbing tour in Nepal

Climbing in Nepal

The best time for climbing Mountains is in the Spring season falls from March to May. Similarly, optional months are in the autumn season fallen autumn season- September to November. There are so many white icy mountains in Nepal including the top of the world – Mt Everest, so climbers summit the mountains during May, April march, and Also September, October, and November.

During spring and autumn season the temperature will be warm; no risk of snow, the levels of snow is stable and less wind, hence, autumn and spring seasons are the best for mountain climbing in Nepal.

Mount Everest was also submitted in May and many high mountains over 8,000 m climbed during spring and autumn.

When is the best touring month in Nepal?

In Nepal, all months of a year you can tour. There are so many historical, Cultural, and Natural sites where you can observe various magnetism. However, if you have plans to visit Nepal in the coming days, then any month you can pack your bag and fly into Nepal.

Tour in Nepal has always been possible in a year, but spring and autumn seasons are the best relatively.

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