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Nepal reopened all trekking and touring destinations despite pandemic uncertainty

September 23, 2020

Nepal reopened all trekking and touring destinations despite pandemic uncertainty

After 8 months, Nepal has reopened its all Touristic activities, especially trekking in the Himalayas. All Nepal visitors are welcome once again for climbing, trekking, touring, and other adventure activities because the Nepal Government reopened routes of the trek.

As the latest news said, Bahrain price and his team have already started their adventure climbing Journey to the Everest region. This means Nepal is a safe country in this situation, following some protocols given by Nepal Government.

The covid-19 pandemic is relatively not so bad in Nepal, that so why there are about 400 plus people are death since 8 months of the transitional phase. Similarly, there are about 60,000 people infected by covid-19 but 45000 people are already recovered so, Nepal is a safe country if you have the desire to encounter the beauty of Nepal especially the Mountains.

The border of Nepal is still locked but on your request and PCR report, you may travel in. But, if you travel by flight is much easier, but don’t forget to keep your Covid-19 tasted report. The government of Nepal has been announced that international flights are allowed to fly from September 16, 2020.

However, if you are bored at Home don’t worry, the Pandemic is not around you only, it is everywhere, so, travel where its effect is lesser and safe such as Nepal.  There are several rules and regulations released by the Government for your safety travel that is all you should follow then travel like birds, just fly and get your goal.

Furthermore, in Nepal, most of the offices, shops, and stores are opened with some protocol design by Nepal Government. Therefore, if you are still in illusion, then be declared now, all you need for your Nepal travel is available and safe now.

What are corona updates in Nepal?

Nepal is also a country affected by covid-19 but relatively less infected country. However, Until September 23, 2020, the cases of coronavirus are as bellows:

Total Coronavirus cases: 66,632

Deaths: 429

Recovered: 48,061

For daily updates, you can visit this web page


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