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12 Days Everest base camp trekking price and complete information

July 16, 2019

12 Days Everest base camp trekking price and complete information

The Everest base camp trek is also known as a EBC trek. It is one of the finest exciting adventure trek offers many indescribable Mountain Views, Khumbu Glacier and stunning Imja valley.

In general, it is an adventure trek in Nepal but if you are simply fit, has an experienced guide with you, Follow the planed itinerary, eating fresh foods, drink enough warm water every day all those activities will helps you a lot to complete the Everest base camp trek without any problems.

Everest base camp trekking price is not fixed and same as it is determine by some touring characteristics such as the standard of your Hotel in Kathmandu, Tea House Quality during the trek, number of guides and Porters, Extra activities, the size of your trekking group so on….

Trekking to Everest base camp supposed to be a dream destination for almost all adventure people in the planet because Everest is a world tallest mountain – A roof of the world. The magical attractions of this trek are the massif Everest panorama, The base of Mt. Everest, Kalapathar, Biggest Buddhist Monastery of Khumbu, Heart of Khumbu- Namche bazaar, many high suspension bridges, clean and net lodges and fresh food, warm welcoming from locals and many other eye catching localities around the khumbu region.

If you wish to reach once at least at the base of Mt. Everest, it is absolutely possible. You can do some regular exercise few week before you hike to EBC, get an experience guide and porters, eat and drink enough than you can make it. You will take a short 30 minute flight from Kathmandu to Lukla over the massif Himalayan terrain than you reach A gate way Khumbu –The lukla Sherpa village than trek with your guide following the proper itinerary and essential documents including Sagarmatha national park permits.

Package price for Everest base camp trekking:

Ascending up to Tyangboche

The package price for Everest base camp trek will depends on the services, you are looking for and also the standard of trekking company with who you are booking your trek. As you know that there are hundreds of travel and trekking agency offers different price for the same itinerary of Everest base camp trek, however, the package price for Everest base camp trekking will depends on the group size, Food limitations, number of guide and porters, city tour, Hotel standards.

Thus, if you are booking your trip through online than you better to check the service section you are getting in package because as per the rules and regulation of all different trekking agency they categories the services in their web pages so, you can check it first than compare the price each other.

Likewise, Safe Holiday adventure has designed the Budget Everest base camp trekking on our certain rules and regulations. Everest base camp is an adventure 12 days trek from Kathmandu to Kathmandu including both way flight (Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu).

Everest trekking region itself is a massif area where there are some alternative for Everest base camp trekking, for example Gokyo valley trek- 10 days, Everest base camp and Chola pass trekking- 16 days, 3 Pass Everest trek- 19 days, Island peak Everest base camp 16 days and other few peak climbing trips around Khumbu region, furthermore the cost of the trip will depends on the total days you are trekking and mainly services from the trekking agency.

The package price for Everest base camp trekking for example 1 trekker cost above $1700 US, 2 – 5 trekkers cost about $1500 US, 6 to 10 trekkers cost about $1400 US, 10 or more than that will cost about $1300 US but as per your deal with your travel company the price can be slightly goes up or down.

Everest base camp trekking permits:

Trekking permits are compulsory for Everest base camp trekkers. Either Kathmandu or the day 2nd at Monjo you can buy your permit but you have to be prepared with some cash in Nepal, cost $33 US for Sagarmatha national park permit and Local village development committee charge you also $20 US per person, however per person in total the cost of Everest base camp trekking permit is $ 55 US.

TIMS is another permit you had to buy few years ago but now you don’t have to until we get the another news from Nepal Government but it is suggested that you have to have 2 or 3 pp size photo graph with you in case if you have to make it you can make in Lukla, or Namche check post.

There are mainly two different trekking permits one: Sagarmatha national park permit, Two: TIMS card, alternatively instead of TIMS Card since few years you have to pay at Local government tax to the Gaupalika at Lukla and if you are trekking through Jiri than you have to get Gaurisankar conservation area permit.

To make it more clear the price of Everest trekking permits are as follows;

Sagarmatha national park permit: $ 30 US per person

TIMS card:  $10 US (Booking through agency) $ 20 US (Buying yourself)

Local government tax at Gaupalika: $ 20 US per person

Price of Lukla flight from Kathmandu:

Lukla Airport

Everest base camp trekking begins from Lukla after your 30 minute flight from Kathmandu. Lukla is gateway of entire Everest region trek this is why you have to reserve your tickets before few months you are heading to Everest region trek. There are hundreds of trekkers fly from Kathmandu to Lukla each day in peak season so if you wish to fly in early flight than it has to be reserve as soon as possible, the Lukla flights usually in the morning from 7 am to 3 pm.

The Lukla flight ticket cost $340 US Per person for both way go and back and for the Indian tourist cost $300 US both way. Similarly for Nepali guide or porter cost $130 US for both way flight.

If you scare to fly over the mountain than there is an option going through Jiri. You have to local bus from Kathmandu to Jiri cost about $10-15 US per person and takes about 8-10 Hrs. than another 7 days proper hiking to reach at Lukla.

Everest base camp trekking Guide and Porters:

Guide and Porter

The Everest base camp trekking is an adventure 12 days exciting trekking path so having a guide or porter with you will help a lot. Everest base camp trekking guide gives you the major information about the region, he also reserve your tea house accommodation, he take care of you, if you need an emergency Heli or horse services he will manage it very quick, therefore if you have a professional trekking guide with than without any obstacles you can reach to your dream destination.

Trekking guide carry his own bag pack and trek with you similarly your porter carry your baggage which is easy for you that you can only carry your small day pack with your essential things such as camera, mobile, battery, electrical devices, water coat , medicine etc.

However, if you are trekking with guide or porters they will make your wonderful trek without any obstacles, makes it less challenging and relaxed.

Hiring a guide to Everest base camp cost about $25 US to $60 US per day, it depends on the size group and quality of Guide, similarly porter cost $20 to $25 US Per day. Trekking with local guide and porter means you are exploring the country and at same time you are contributing the local port family of your guide and porters.

Price of Food during Everest base camp trekking:

Dhalbhat- Nepali food

Everest trekking probably the highest region trek in the world and there are no roads to supply the goods for visitors and locals therefore it we can already guess that the price of foods might be quite high compare to the other trekking region of Nepal.

Food is a important things apart of walk in the Everest region because you need energy to walk up to base camp every day. It is highly suggested you to eat vegetable item foods, it is less risk not to have stomach problem. The local people above Namche bazaar especially they don’t use refrigerator and keep the meat around the kitchen so they are not safe to eat all the time however, for 11 days you can have vegetable food makes you comfortable all the time.

Trekking to Everest base camp is quite facilities since few years. There are plenty of Restaurants and Inn to buy dry food, water and also you can stop to eat fresh food. The lower part of Everest base camp trek the price is relatively less than the upper parts but in general the cost of one meal cost about $8 US.

Travel insurance for Everest base camp trekking:

The Everest base camp trekking is one of the highest area trek in the world. Trekking to Everest base camp is an adventure hiking experience through the Glacier, high altitude area, landslide and avalanche etc, thus you have to prepared not to be in problem while trekking in the Himalaya that you have to have well coverage travel insurance for this trip , in case if there is any emergency than your guide and travel company will help you anytime you want to fly out from the Himalaya to Kathmandu.

Travel insurance is one of the most important things of your travel, especially if you are hiking towards high altitude area, you might have mountain sickness which is quite common therefore, and travel insurance should have with you in the case of Everest base camp trekking.

If you are still confused about the travel insurance than it is very simple now a days, you just Google and search best travel insurance for high altitude trekking than you can find so many different insurance company from where you can buy your insurance for Nepal trip. The price of travel insurance to Nepal for month vacation cost about $ 100 US to $ 200 US, it depends on the standard of Insurance Company.

Trekking equipment and its price:

The cost of trekking equipment are all different with the quality and brand but if you have high copy equipment that will be fine for Everest base camp trekking, so don’t be upset if you can’t buy real equipment. There is certain list of trekking equipment for Everest base camp trekking in Nepal.

  • Sleeping bag( Roughly cost-  $ 7 to 150 US
  • Down Jacket (Roughly cost-  $ 6 to 100 US
  • Trekking shoes ( Roughly cost- $ 35 to 100 US
  • One Wind breaker jacket cost-    $30 US
  • One fleece jacket cost- $ 30 US
  • Hiking paints cost-  $ 25 to 40 US
  • Quick dryer T-shirt – $ 15 to 30 US
  • 3 Pair of socks    – $ 5 x 3= $ 15 US
  • Sun-glass cost – $  10 US to $ 50 US
  • P – cap or Hat – $ 5 to $ 15 US
  • Trekking poles- $ 10 to $ 50 US
  • Rucksack cost – $ 30 to $ 80 US
  • Headlamp cost – $ 15 US
  • Knife cost – $ 15 US
  • Hand sanitize: $4
  • Tissue: $0.5
  • Towel : $10
  • Toothbrush: $2
  • Toothpaste: $3
  • Shampoo: $5
  • Sunscreen lotion: $5
  • Soap: $1

Can I trek to Everest base camp alone?

Everest Base camp is an adventure trip where we have to cross high bridges, walking through the pine forest, Walk on the glacier, risk of Avalanches and altitude difficulties therefore if you trek with experienced trekking guide or porter it is really helpful and your trip will be more comfortable and safe, but a part few trekkers still does this trek alone following the local and asking the guide along the trekking route which is not that safety and fun.

Is Everest base camp safe for solo female Travelers?

Nepal is generally considered a safe country for solo female or male both travelers and also If you are planning your holiday to Everest base camp alone no worries there are plenty of lodges along the trail, you can buy food ,water, also can charge your electrical devices, also you can have internet WIFI therefore if you are solo female traveler just close your eyes and make it yourself no problem.

Is Everest base camp trek is really difficult?

After 30 minute flight from Kathmandu , you reach at Lukla already located at 2850 m/ 9000 ft. and trek continue  up to Everest base camp at 5364 m ,therefore it is not that easy trek altitude ways but the geographical features along the trekking routes are not that difficult. If you can walk 4 to 7 hours a day after breakfast than this trek will be done easily.

How is the temperature of Everest base camp?

The Temperatures in Everest Base Camp during late December and January are cold because these  months are the mid time of winter in Nepal so the temperature drops down until -30 At Night and -5 degree during the day. In general the temperature during the day will be about 10 and at night and early morning is about -10 Degree.  

What are the best months of year to go to Everest base camp trekking?

After monsoon (June, July & August), Almost all parts of Nepal welcomes you with a blue clear sky and green lush views around,  even though In October and November two months are better to visit Everest base camp and other trekking routes in Nepal because trekking paths will be dry, the visibility will be very clear and magical mountain views everyday therefore October and November are the best time if not try your holiday to Nepal in March & April is also pretty much the same like Oct and Nov season.

Everest Base Camp trekking trekking price

If you book your trip through online with a travel agency in Nepal it cost about $1200 US to $ 3000 US for 15 days trekking which includes your all food, transport, guide, porter, hotel, lodge, permits all your essential things for Everest base camp trekking will be included on that price.

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