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Major interesting facts about Lukla airport

February 19, 2020

Major interesting facts about Lukla airport

Lukla and Lukla Airport are the most resealable words in Google from Everest hikers and you should know the Major interesting facts about Lukla airport.

Lukla is a small Sherpa town in the Khumbu region located in the Northeast of Kathmandu, Nepal. Lukla is positioned at 2,860 m/ 9,383 ft.

Everest region trekking is the most popular trekking route in Nepal and Lukla is a busy gateway to go to Everest region trekking.

Despite the fact that Lukla implies places with numerous goats and sheep, few are found in the territory these days. It is a small Sherpa town that contains a small shorts airstrip airport where hundreds of trekkers fly in and out every day.

Lukla airport is balanced between big massif mountains and at the foot of Mt. Everest. Nepal’s best trekking season is Autumn (Sep- Nov) & Spring (March to May) when thousands of people visit the Everest region trek (Everest Gokyo trek, Everest base camp, island peak, Chola pass trek, Mera peak climbing, and other many side hiking around).

It is a 575-meter long airstrip but no doubt it is very one of the busiest domestic airports of Nepal.

Everest trekkers fly from Kathmandu or Manthali airport to Lukla for their adventure Everest journey.

Is Lukla airport very dangerous? It is a very re-searchable word on the internet, however, it is of course a small airport located at the foot of giant mountains, but only this airport was listed number one dangerous airport in 2009, and then it is probably the top ten Dangerous airports now.

Many travelers asked, it is a dangerous airport, but why at least 5 to 600 trekkers fly every day? It is very true but as you know that Mount Everest is the world’s tallest peak and every adventure hiker wants to explore it and make their lifetime achievements this is, why it is a bit dangerous but Luka is the shortest and easiest way to go the Everest region trek. It is a gateway to the entire Everest region trek.

The Lukla airport is just dirt before 2001 but now it is a well-paved airport. The total length of Lukla airport is 1729 ft. And 65 ft wide.

Lukla flights are always related to weather factors. It is much unpredictable thus, there are always flight cancellations. If you are trekking in the Everest region you are kindly suggested to keep some spare days for the Lukla flight to Kathmandu.

After all, the Everest trekkers may ask, is it risky all the time to fly into Lukla and fly out? Well, you just believe the articles and previous trekkers or Me, It is not a dangerous airport, No doubt it is the small and narrow but authorized tower of Kathmandu and Lukla only allows you to fly when there is perfect weather, hence it is not that dangerous.

Of course, very big yes, There have been accidents, but it was just because of bad weather, which is a common cause all over the world, Otherwise, Lukla airport is safe to fly, be positive and make your destiny.

Kathmandu to Lukla flight duration is very short only 30 minutes, but within this short time, you can experience the scenic flight, Incredible Himalayan vistas, and variegated landscapes.

However, Lukla Tenzing Hillary Airport is the most popular domestic airport in Nepal and it is a place from where every Everest trekkers and climbers begin their adventure journey.

Here are some significant realities about the Lukla Airport-

Lukla Airport and Weather

Lukla weather depends upon the season of the year. Generally, the autumn season (Sep. – Nov.) is the best season of the year to trek in the Everest region. The next spring season (March to May) to go to Everest adventure hiking.

The sky gets really clear almost every day between September and November similar, to March to May. The flights are on time and less risky.

Usually, Early flights till 11 am are sure which means you can fly on that particular day, otherwise due to the clouds you may stop one more night at Lukla. This is why you are kindly recommended to book your morning flight ticket to/from Lukla.

During the peak season in Lukla, there are quite some flights at least about 40 Flights a day, and really busy. Likewise, there are just a few flights in December, January, February, June, July, August because of unpredictable weather in Lukla and Kathmandu. Except for the best trekking season spring & Autumn, the other two seasons are relatively quite risky due to the Lukla weather and fly only till 12 noon about not all-day flights.

Trekking to Everest base camp is probably the dream of all adventure outdoor lovers, but they can’t manage their time in the right month or in trekking season so, No worries if you are not able to fly due to the weather, you may go by bus/jeep from Kathmandu to the Sallery, then trek 2 days to reach Lukla, Even though there will be helicopter services to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla, which is not so expensive. You just add some more money on top of your Plane ticket.

The Best months to fly to Lukla and trek to Everest

Lukla is a heartland of the Everest Khumbu region, where hundreds of trekkers fly in and out every day in high trekking season.

Although there is mainly two time span from September to November and March to May, these two different seasons and months are the best time to fly to Lukla and also to trek up to the Everest region.

There are several reasons why spring and autumn are the best months to fly to/from Lukla

  • Usually every day, no clouds,
  • Not really windy,
  • Lukla airport is dry and clean, which is relatively safe to land,
  • The Sky is a very clear plus, which means, visibility is super clear,
  • Many Choices of plane tickets in the High season, cause there are quite some different air companies that fly in and out,
  • The Temperature is mild and the route of the Everest trek is clean,
  • If you trek in March and April you can also get a chance to see many Everest climbers at the base of Everest,
  • If Weather is mild then you may not get mountain sickness,
  • These two different time span got so many Nepali local festivals so cultural aspects also good,

There are many merits if you are able to manage your time on the Everest trip during spring and autumn.

Airplane vs. Helicopter flying to/from Lukla

The cost of a plane ticket to/from Lukla is changed, but not frequently like the helicopter price. The price of a plane ticket is generally $ 330 US (Kathmandu/Lukla/Kathmandu) per head, but season ways the cost of a plane ticket is a little bit different.

The Next is a helicopter flight to/from Lukla. Comparing the plane ticket to a helicopter flight to/from Lukla is no doubt more expensive but it is the best option. The cost of helicopter flight changes every day, especially if there is no plane due to the weather in Lukla, the price of a helicopter is quickly very high.

Cost Details for a Helicopter flight to Lukla Everest: 

  • Kathmandu to/from Lukla: $ 300-500 US per head (Sharing Basis)
  • Kathmandu to/from Lukla: $ 2500 -3000 US (Chartered flight)

The price which I mentioned above is just rough, it can be slightly up and down due to the weather in Lukla and the Volume of Passengers.

Lukla is a hub of the Khumbu Everest region. It is a long extended Sherpa town on the foothill of Everest Himalaya.

Facts of Lukla Airport and Everest region

  • Before making Lukla Tenzing Hillary airport, There is just one option to go to Jiri from Kathmandu by bus than trek 5 to 6 days to reach Lukla,
  • Lukla airport was named in January 2008 by Tenzing-Hillary Airport out of appreciation for Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary who have submitted Mt. Everest on 1953 May,
  • Lukla is very short and small, 1729 ft. Long and 65 ft. Wider,
  • You get 15 kg baggage recompense in a trip to Lukla and it is a 30-minute short flight, provides you stunning Himalayan view,
  • While landing at Lukla starts from North to South direction, likewise take off from Lukla is South to North,
  • The plane to/From Lukla is very small thus, there are no fixed seats to sit therefore you are recommended to sit on the left when you are flying to Lukla similarly, on the right when you are flying to Kathmandu/Manali. It will reward you with an incredible massif Everest mountain panorama. Although, it is the best scenic short flight,
  • There would be about over 40 flights every day in the high trekking season (Mid. September to End of November),
  • There are a few luxury hotels, where you can stay a few nights after your successful trekking,
  • There is only Money Exchange but Not an ATM machine yet at Lukla,
  • There are many small inns where they sell local food and drinks, but be sure if you are eating choose a clean place and ask if their food is fresh or not,
  • At Lukla, there is no Radar System, but there is a radio communication system to take on and take off,
  • Keep some extra days for the Lukla flight, in case if there is bad weather,
  • Make sure you have enough Nepali cash with you,
  • The total population of Lukla is about 1,500,
  • The flights generally do not fly on time, but you are always in the queue as per their rules.

What is the Temperature in December and January and in Lukla?

December and January are the coldest months in Lukla. The average high temperature is 3. 3°C (37.9°F) and the low average temperature is -16. 3°C (2.7°F).

However, the warmest month is June about 14 °C and the Cold month is January the temperature gets 1°C.

What are the names of Airplanes fly to Lukla from Kathmandu?

There are a few different air companies that fly from Kathmandu to Lukla. Tara Air is the most popular air company and they have many flights compared to other air companies. The Next is Summit airlines, Sita airlines, and Simrik airlines.

The Tara Air and Summit airlines are recommended.

How far is Everest base camp from Lukla?

Lukla to Everest base camp distance is 38.58 miles and 62 km. It is 8 days walk from Lukla to Everest base camp and 3 to 4 days to come back.

How much does it cost to trek to Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu?

Usually, the cost of Everest base camp trekking depends on the services and Numbers of guide and porters, however, 11 night 12 days Everest base camp cost $1,150 US, Which includes all your meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), Trekking Permits, Local Entrance fees, Mountain accommodation, Guide/porter and their salary, Lukla Plane ticket(Both way) and all essential paperwork.

How cold is EBC (Everest Base Camp) in October?

On average, during the day the temperature rises up to 15 °C but still if it is a sunny day the temperature gets about 20 °C.  Similarly, the lowest Temperature in October drops down to -5 °C in the early morning and Mid Night.

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