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Hiring a Guide and Porters for Trekking in Nepal

March 22, 2018

Hiring a Guide and Porters for Trekking in Nepal

There are many common questions from travelers who are planning to visit Nepal for their Touring, Trekking, and many other Adventure activities purpose as it is really important to know some information before you leave your home. There are many instructions but they are all wiring for a Business purpose it means they might not be accurate information to find a right Guide and Porters. you can either hire a guide from travel Agency or you can just search freelance Guide in Nepal, easily you can get many links but noted that which Guides got genuine Reviews, profiles and the corresponding capacity that you have to figure out before you trust your guide for trekking in Nepal. many trekker’s suggestions say few common questions which are a bellows and I am sharing the truth answers about these topics one by one.

How to meet local Guides/ Porters & Where to start?

This is the main issue when travelers arrive in Kathmandu, as you know that there are many links you can get before you arrive in Nepal and also you can read lonely planet, rough guide and many other related. You can meet the guide at the restaurant or any suitable location also it is better to talk face to face about your trip and budget like that you can figure out how is he and the way he talks to you with essential information’s. There are many prices hiring guides and porters as per your holiday’s duration, trekking regions and his guiding capacities. Here are some important Tips, which will help you to find a good guide and also save your time. If you are looking for a professional Freelance Guide it’s better not to go through Hotels and travel agency because they get their charge and the actual salary of Guide or porters will be very low so it is better too and meet Guide straight and pay him there are many categories of Guides, such as extra language speaker Guide instead of English they are quite expensive about $30 US a day up to $70 US it depends on the size of your group and time but in general the price of guide starts from $20 US a day up to $60 US  a day and  $24 US a day for Porter to hire. If you are joining a group through Agency make sure that they have fixed departure clients or not because many Agencies says they have a group to join but they don’t know when they just want to hold you till they find another client. The price needs to declare if you are joining a group you might get some discount.

  • If you are alone or till 5 people in your group one guide will be enough more than that I would say hire extra Guide too for your safety just in case if you get sick in the Mountain one guide will be with you that is the safe way.
  • Since few years Nepal tourism board applied many rules for trekkers safety so make sure your that your Guide has Authorized license or not otherwise if there is anything happen you have to be responsible yourself instead of local or Nepal Tourism board.
  • You should ask with your guide about his insurance that can cover if any emergency during the trek.
  • Double check before you leave Kathmandu about your Permits, passport copy, insurance, Tims card, and your original passport because these are the really important things for trekking in Nepal.
  • When you pay the money to guide or agency you have to make sure what is included with that price because if there are some things extra you have to pay then you have to get some Nepali currency with you for your extra expenses during the trek.
  • Hiring a guide a day cost 30 $ a day so with more than 1 person the cost of guide or porters could be split out (divided).

Kathmandu or Pokhara both places got many trekking guides and porters but Kathmandu is a big city and so many Travel agency and independent guide compare to another city of Nepal it is better to hire a guide from Kathmandu because you have many choices to hire a guide for trekking in Nepal.

Which trekking region of Nepal is best to go?

There are many trekking regions in Nepal but the best destination will be Everest region or Annapurna region both of them have different characteristics and both beautiful place. If you are adventure traveler I would say go to Everest base camp- Chola pass and Gokyo trek that is a just beautiful trek and if you are simply fit than go to Annapurna base camp or Annapurna circuit trek( round Annapurna trek).

Who to Believe about trekking in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal its once in a lifetime memories so try to hire an experienced guide with A grade license who will explain to you about culture, landscapes, traditions, and many trekking related information. If you are hiring a cheap guide and if he doesn’t have a license then you better not to hire in case if there is any problem during trek he can’t explain what’s going on and also the trip information. The main source of information is From the internet and your personal feelings than trusting your guide with all his documents related to the trip.

Hiring an experienced Guide and local Porters and their cost?

The cost of English speaker guide is about $30 US but after you meet You can pay him more if he is smart and experience because in another hand you are contributing to the locals in the same time of your Nepal holiday. Porters cost about 24 $ a day and this amount will be their food expenses during the trek.

What are the rough cost of Annapurna circuit trek and Everest base camp trek?

These are both popular trekking destination of Nepal as itself they are heaven and you will not be regret what you paid to your guide or travel agency. The cost of these two trekking areas wills depends on the service, hotel quality and numbers of local staff but in general Everest base camp trek cost:

  • Single trekkers $1450 US
  • 2 Trekkers cost $1150 US
  • 3 Trekkers cost $1100 US
  • More than that cost $1050 US

Annapurna circuit trekking price:

The price of Annapurna circuit trek is not specific as it has many options now after crossing Thorang la pass(5420 M). If you are taking a plane from Jomsom to Pokhara the cost will be $900 US per person and take a sharing jeep from Muktinath to Tatopani that will cost $800 US per person this is all roughly trip cost as I told you there are many factors affects for the cost.

How to choose experience and right Mountain guide in Nepal?

It is better to talk with few different guides and compare either they are from a travel agency or independent but make sure he can explain about trek or tour because you will be with him for your entire time in the mountain so need to be the right person.

Before you choose your guide for trekking to the mountain Suggested questions need to be asked and confirm:

  1. Agree on a price,
  2. Agree on a trekking route,
  3. Make sure your guide can speak English or not,
  4. Make sure guide and porters have their insurance or not,
  5. Ask with your guide how many times he has done this trek?
  6. Try to get your guide’s personal things such as his family, his part-time job, his working field when there is off-season etc.
  7. Be declaring about guide salary, his entrance fees, government taxes, porters all expenses, etc.
  8. Ask with your guide or agency you about your porter’s trekking equipment for the trek.
  9. Ask your guide if you need emergency Heli service or if you get sick what should be the options for safety.
  10. You have to also ask yourself that you are comfortable with guide and porters or not.

Do I need Guide or a Porter for trekking in Nepal?

(A)  A guide should speak English and be able to give you information what you are asking but he will not carry your bag pack so you need porters if you can’t carry your staff. Hiring a guide means they will pre-book your accommodation during trek because they have been in the trek many times and they know about lodges and lodges owner which is safety as well as in high season if you go to the lodge straight without in information before then you might not get rooms because in high season rooms are full every day. If you have guide or at least porter he will get your order for food and also they supply your food by them self which is faster because in the mountain there are limit workers and no waiters in some lodges so if you have guide he will take care your food,  better accommodation, and give you information about each settlement you go.

(B) Porters are kind and they might say yes whatever you are asking so make sure your bag pack is not more than 20 kg for one porter because most of them can’t speak English and just smile so don’t give him too much weight.

(C) I recommend you not to bring your extra bags or cloths into the mountains because each Hotel or agency got locker where you can leave your extra bags and bring just what is necessary for your trek. You can consult with your Guide what to bring for the trek and what not to bring.

(D) You can also hire porter guide who speaks basic English plus he helps your bag to carry but makes sure he is authorized person from the Government or not I mean he has a license with him or not.

As a woman, is it safe to trek alone in Nepal with a guide?

The majority of guides in Nepal are mainly male and they are friendly but don’t be so close and share all about your personal things because some of them might be not so trusty but in general they are comfortable. If you are feeling not so comfortable you better not to trek at dark or very early morning for your safety try to sleep in private rooms if you don’t trust him but don’t tell him about these feeling you trust or not. There are many solo women trekkers and groups they trek in Nepal but I would say get all guide’s information and his families before you trek than yes it is a safe country to travel even if you are female no problem.


  • The internet service is almost everywhere during your trek but it is payable,
  •  Toilet and shower rooms are sharing during the trek,
  •  You can get hot shower form the tap in the bathroom around the lower loop of the trek and higher  settlements lodges provide buckets but you have to pay for it,
  • Battery charging plug is not available in your room during the trek, so you have to charge in the reception but you have to pay quite often,
  • Two pin and 3 pins Indian and European style plugging is quite common in Nepal,
  • Bring extra battery with you for trekking, because the cold temperature drops down the battery very quick,
  • Try to give food to the local kids if you have but don’t give any cash,
  • Ask with locals before you take their picture,
  • Bring all the necessary trekking gears with you because in the mountain you can’t & Toiletries,
  • Make sure you will have enough Nepali cash during your trek because there is not ATMs & money exchange place,

Hiring a Guide and Porters for Trekking in Nepal is the most common question and their salary. there are many factors determine the salary of guide and porters as they have to guide capacity as well as their smartness. so there is not a fixed rate for hiring a guide or porter but there is an average cost fo guide and porters which I already mentioned above.

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