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Answers to your Everest base camp trek Questions

March 12, 2020

Answers to your Everest base camp trek Questions

The Everest base camp trek is a dream destination for many hikers in the world. It is one of the finest high altitude paths to get walking experiences throughout the unique cultural Sherpa village and sky-touching world’s famous mountains. EBC trek is not an easy task thus you should be aware of some related information before you begin your Journey.

According to our respectful clients of Everest base camp trek here are some questions and Their short Answers, I hope it helps to make your wonderful journey without any absence, so if you have anything to ask regarding these matters, please drop an email at

Can I get a Nepal visa, when I reach Kathmandu TIA airport?

Getting a Nepal visa is very easy. On your arrival at Kathmandu Airport, you can obtain it simply.

The costs of visa fees are as follows:

  • 30 Days tourist visa fee- $40 US per person
  • 90 Days tourist multiple visa fee- $100 US per person

Is there somebody to pick me from the airport to the hotel?

Yes, on your arrival day in Kathmandu, we will send our airport representative to pick up you and He will drop you at your hotel in a private Car/Jeep.

What Nationalities does not get a visa at Kathmandu Airport?

There are few nationalities such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Somalia, Ethiopia, Liberia, and Palestine, they all don’t get visas on arrival in Kathmandu, but they can get the visa from their own Country through Nepal embassies.

What are the required documents to get Nepal Visa?

There are a few important documents you need to get the Nepali visa after arriving in Kathmandu, Nepal. You should be prepared with theses following documents:

  • Nepal visa fees (you have to have the cash to pay visa fees),
  • Passport size photograph (2 each),
  • Visa application form that you can get in Kathmandu airport and the next you can get a form from Immigration,
  • Passport (The passport should have a validity of at least six months).

How Difficult is The Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trekking and Kalapathar?

The Everest base camp and Kalapathar trek moderate types of the trek in Nepal. It is high altitude trekking Destination but it does not mean that only physically fit trekkers can do it.

You don’t really need previous trekking or hiking experiences a few weeks of training before you begin EBC trekking is mandatory. You are recommended to do some physical activities at least 3 weeks before you start your EBC trek, such as swimming, running, cycling, hiking, and walking might help a lot to complete this beautiful trek without any obstruction.

How much does it cost to do the EBC and Kalapathar Trek?

Everest base camp trek usually takes 12 days your arrival day and departure day will be on top of it which means 14 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. 12 days Everest base camp and Kalapathar trekking package cost about $1,250 US per person. The cost of EBC trekking can be slightly more if you are a Single trekker otherwise 1,250 US is the price for EBC trekking.

What is the classic route of Everest base camp?

The classic Everest route begins from Lukla after your 30-minute flight then you will follow these settlements’ day by day;

KathmanduLuklaPhakdingNamche Bazaar-Namche rest day- TengboucheDingboucheDingbouch rest day- LobucheGorakshep – Everest base camp-KalaptharPhericheNamcheLukla, and Kathmandu.

Where do we sleep during EBC and Kalapathar trek?

Everest base camp (EBC) trek is a well-known trekking route in Nepal and for a few days, this trek is quite facilitated. During your trek in Everest, you will sleep in the lodge and tea house which means you don’t need to carry a tent to sleep. You will get a comfortable private room with a small tea table inside as it is safe and clean.

What types of Toilets/Bathrooms are available during EBC and Kalapathar trek?

There are mainly 3 different types of toilets, the first one is the western toilet, the 2nd one is a floor toilet, and the Sherpa toilet (it is outside the toilet made of wooden.

Toilets and bathrooms are available every single lodge during EBC trekking not inside your room, it is sharing usually.

Can I get a single bedroom during EBC and Kala Pahar trek?

It all depends on when you visit EBC. As you know that mid-September to End November and March to May are the best trekking Months which means if you trek during those months you may have to share rooms with other trekkers, but if you skip peaks season time then no doubt you can find a single bedroom while trekking to EBC.

What are the major trekking gears for the Everest Base Camp trek?

There is quite some trekking gear required for EBC trekking but basically, you need a sleeping bag (-10), a Down jacket, a fleece jacket, windbreaker trousers, trekking shoes, pair of socks, gloves, warm hat, sunglass, and Oximeter. These are the major trekking gears that you need for EBC trekking but to know more in detail about trekking gears for just click here.

What types of food do I expect from EBC and Kalapthar trek?

During your wonderful journey to Everest base camp, almost every single tea houses serve you fresh food. The way they cook in the mountain is just basic but fresh and hygienic. However, you don’t have to carry food, every tea house serves you Food mainly local Nepali food, Indian food, continental, and some western food.

If you are trekking through a travel agency, you will get 3 times meal a day from your package price.

How long do I have to walk a day?

Usually, every day you have to walk from 4 to 6 hours it depends on some time you have to walk lesser and sometimes a little bit more, however, 4 to 6 hours a day is a general estimation. Similarly, 5,00 m to 1,000 m is your criteria to climb every day not more than that, if you don’t follow these rules you may get mountain sickness.

In what cases you better not trek to Everest base camp?

The Everest base camp trek is no doubt an adventure journey in the high altitude area. Thus, your physical condition needs to fit and fine. If you have some health issues such as diabetes, Asthma, heart-related disease, so on.., then you better not to t Everest base camp trekking for your safety there are other short hiking near Pokhara you may try for example Poon hill trek, Mardi Himal trekking, Ghandruk trekking, Saragnkot hiking, etc.

Is Everest base camp trek difficult?

Everest base camp trekking difficult way to moderate trekking but the landscapes and routes of the trek are quite easy to walk. The only thing you should keep in mind that your walking speed needs to be very slow and drink a lot of water for your safe trek.

You are suggested to follow the itinerary provided by your travel agency and guide, after all, you can make an EBC trek without any problem.

How long is Everest base camp from Kathmandu?

The lent hos Everest base camp trek depends upon the route you follow and also the number of days you take for acclimatization, however the Everest base camp trek from Kathmandu with both way flight takes 11 nights 12 days.

Can I skip the Lukla flight for the Everest base camp trek?

As you know that Lukla is a well-known gateway for the Everest region trek. If you have fear to fly into Lukla then you advise to take a jeep from Kathmandu to the Sallery, then trek 3 days to reach Lukla. The next option is taking a jeep or public bus from Kathmandu to Bhandara then follow the classic Everest base camp trekking route, so there are mainly 3 options to explore the Everest region.

What months are the best for Everest base camp trekking?

The best months for Everest base camp trekking is the middle of September to End of November known as an autumn season and March to May known as a spring season.

The sky gets very clear, no rain, the trails get dry, the atmosphere is just perfect from every single prospective trekking to EBC during autumn and spring is the best time.

Can I rent trekking gear in Kathmandu?

Yes, there are many trekking shops in Kathmandu mainly around the Thamel area, from where you can rent some of the useful gears for Everest trekking. The sleeping bag, down jacket, trekking poles are generally available for rent in Kathmandu, even if you want to buy them it costs much lesser than your country.

Roughly the renting price for the jacket and sleeping bags are as follows:

  • Sleeping bag to rent a day: $ 2 US
  • Down jacket to rent a day: $ 1.5 US
  • Trekking pools to rent a day: $ 1 US

It is just an estimated price because all the different shops charge differently. However, the price of trekking gears might be a bit more or a bit lesser.

What are the major symptoms of Altitude mountain sickness (AMS)?

There are several major symptoms of Altitude mountain sickness which are listed below:

  • Dizziness,
  • Numbness to the tip of finger or weakness,
  • Lack of vision,
  • Hard to balance your body,
  • Eye, ear, or facial pain,
  • Cold symptoms your body,
  • Fever and crackling sound in the lungs,
  • Sensitivity to light or sound,
  • Vomiting,
  • A dry cough,
  • Fast heartbeat

Are there age limits for Everest base camp trekking?

There is no official age limit advisable Everest base camp and Kalapathar trek minimum age is 10 years old. You may try EBC trekking with children to be well-prepared ad get an experienced trekking Guide. In the next 10 years age, they might get altitude mountain sickness because they can accept that high altitude atmosphere.

Do I need Local Guide or Porter for Everest base camp trek?

Guide or porter are not compulsory to hire for the Everest base camp trekking but no doubt having an experienced trekking guide is safe ways to encounter the area. The guide can preserve your accommodation while you are the mountain, he will suggest you eat fresh food, better lodges to sleep, he will also brief you about a particular area, Culture, Buddhist Monasteries, memorials, medical emergencies, and type of security too. Therefore, Guide is recommended for Everest base camp trek.

If you are not well-trained trekkers or have more than 15 kg bag pack with than porter will be the best option, who will carry your big back and you can enjoy your every single step, plus the money that you are paying to him goes straight to his family thus it is a contribution to locals too beside trekking.

Is it safe to bring a big Camera, Gopro, or expensive electrical devices during EBC trekking?

Big yes, Nepal itself is a safe country to visit and in the case of Everest base camp, the trek is also the same. You can bring your electrical devices with you. Most of the lodges and tea houses along the route you can charge your electrical devices they will charge a small amount of money.

As you know that Everest trekking is quite cold and high altitude trekking thus, keep your electrical devices as warm as possible, the batteries drain very quicks in the cold.

What are the major tips not to have AMS?

During your trek in the high altitude area, you may get mountain sickness as it is a major problem of trekkers but no worries there are few options to be safe.

  • Drink 3 to 4 liters of water a day,
  • Drink plenty of hot tea (Ginger lemon honey tea is recommended)
  • Bring Diamox with you, in case if you get some altitude symptoms you can use it
  • If you are really suffering from AMS, you have to go down very quick at least 300 meters lower than your current place,
  • Don’t trek during winter (Dec- Feb.)

What should I do if I get Mountain sickness or other sicknesses?

If you have a friend or guide with you, you can share your entire problem with him and take some medicine, it may help in some cases, medicine does not warm and you have to have emergency evacuation to save your life.

Mainly there are two options if you are sick in the Mountain. Decent very quick in the least 300 meters from your current place to get emergency helicopter evacuation; organize by your guide and your trekking agency. The expenses of the Helicopter will be paid by an insurance company not you.

Can I use internet/Wi-Fi during the Everest base camp trek?

The Everest region trek almost every settlement they have Wi-Fi service you have to pay some money to use it however you can drop a very quick message to your family, friends, and at work, while you are in the Mountain.

How much extra local money do I need for Everest base camp trekking?

If you are trekking by yourself to EBC, you can have about 4,500 Nepali rupees per day if you trek through the agency then your accommodation, foods, entrance fee, permit all-inclusive thus you can take about 2,000 Nepali rupees per day that would be enough.

One more thing about EBC trek, there are some ATM machines in Namche Bazaar but they are not reliable and practice so you better chance enough cash in Kathmandu.

How much for Everest trekking permits?

The EBC trekking permit cost $33 US for a few years, there is a locally made entrance charge at Lukla cost 2000 Nepali rupee per person. The permit obtains from NTB Kathmandu it is much easier to buy from Sagarmatha national park office at Monjo, you just need valid passports and money.

What is the normal size of the trekking group for Everest base camp?

The EBC trek can be done from single trekkers to the maximum, whichever a number of trekkers but about 25 to 30 people in a group fine more than that would have so crowed, and misunderstanding. If you are in a small group of fewer than 15 people then you enjoy more.

Can I have my own food, while trekking in the Mountains?

Foods not allowed in the lodge because the cost of accommodation is not expensive and the Lodge owner gets money from the food, thus they want to sale their food, However, you can have some snacks take secretly in your room but still, you have to eat at least one meal from the Lodge.

Everest region itself is really remote area, where there are no roads to supply the foods which mean all foods are supplying by porters, yaks or plane this is why the price of food is relatively high but compare to all these difficult I think the price is reasonable so that eat wherever you stay if you don’t eat at the lodge you are staying they will charge you penalty as per their rules hotel management committee.

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