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Upper mustang trekking

July 31, 2019

Upper mustang trekking

Upper mustang trekking is a least hidden valley trails in Annapurna region, located in the Midwest north of Nepal. This beautiful trek takes you in to the hidden world, mysterious sky cave, heavenly made landscapes, wide Kaligandaki valley and mesmerizing views of pristine mountains.

It is stunning moderate trek in Annapurna region. 

Before 1992 nobody permit to visits Upper Mustang area, particularly foreigners however since couple of years this trek being so prevalent as it is less touristy, old cultural kingdom, Natural and Historical.

It is less touristy area trek hence it is also known as a best off the beaten path trek in Nepal. It is unspoiled trekking path with magical view of world tallest mountain peaks such as Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167 m), Nilgiri and Annapurna (8091 m).

It is a probably the most expensive but unique and unexplored trekking path in Annapurna region. The special permits are required to visit upper mustang trek cost $500 US per person just for restricted area permit.

The Upper mustang trekking area covers about 2- 3rd of Mustang District.

Since 2008 after the government of Nepal reform in the different way in political scenario then Upper Mustang lost its official Monarchy.

However, Upper mustang itself is a rich area OF high pristine mountains, Mysterious cave, varied Tibetan culture and Buddhist traditions, all of those highlights and history made it one of the best and unique trekking route in Annapurna region.

The recent informal King follows his genealogy back to that time and the originators. Such disconnection from remote world rendered it feasible for this spot to save its way of life and legacy.

Till this date, we can watch this customary Buddhist Kingdom the manner in which it was all the back when established in the fourteenth century.

This trekking is in high region therefore if you wish to visit this trek in monsoon season in Nepal, is possible  it is about 2 weeks ultimate adventure trekking trip in Annapurna region of Nepal.

Table of Content of Upper mustang trekking

  • Itinerary
  • Highlights of Upper mustang trekking
  • Best time to visit Upper mustang trek,
  • Upper Mustang trekking permits
  • Accommodation and food access
  • Popular Tiji festival
  • Essential trekking equipment
  • About Altitude mountain sickness (AMS)

Itinerary of upper mustang trekking:

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu.

Day 02: Kathmandu City tour.

Day 03: Kathmandu to Pokhara drive by Bus.

Day 04: Fly to Jomsom (2,713 m) and trek to Kagbeni (2,810 m)- 3 hours walking

Day 05: Trek to Chele (3,050 m/10,004 ft)- 5 hrs walking

Day 6: Trekking from Syanbiche to Ghami (3520 m/11,545 ft)- about 6 hours walking

Day 8: Ghami to Tsarang (3620 m/11873 ft)- 6 hours walking

Day 9: Trek to Lo-Manthang (3730 m/12234 ft)- 4 hours walking

Day 10: Acclimatization at Lo-Manthang

Day 11: Trekking from Lo-Manthang to Drakmar(3800 m/12490 ft)- about 7 hours walk,

Day 12: Trek to Ghiling (3806 m/12480 ft)- about 6 hours walking

Day 13: Trekking to Chhuksang(3050 m/10000 ft)-6 hours walking

Day 14: Trek to Jomsom (2710 m/8886 ft) -7 hours walking

Day 15: Fly back to Pokhara- 25 minute

Day 16: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu- 7 hours

Day 17: Final departure

Highlights of Upper mustang trekking

  • Visit Very old architectural Monastery built in 13th century,
  • Visit Natural  mysterious sky Caves,
  • Enjoy your walk over tree line area on arid Desert,
  • Explore the historical and cultural village –Kagbeni
  • Eye catching mountain views such as Dhaulagirim Annapurna and Nilgiri,
  • Walking experience along Budi Gandaki valley and very deep gorge,
  • Buddhist Chortain excursion while trekking,
  • Visit farmland cultivated by locals,
  • Very old Tibetan culture and traditions
  • Visit Lo- Manthang- a capital of Upper mustang

Do you need any help to make the Upper mustang trek?

If you are planning to explore the unspoiled upper mustang trekking in Nepal than tell us about your trip and your desire, as you have desire/interest we will quickly write you back within 24 hours maximum and doubting we customize the itinerary as per your needs, time and budget for this beautiful trek.

If you mentioned the following terms and condition while you are emailing us than it will be so comfortable for us to email you back with detailed information.

  • Number of people in a group,
  • Date of your trek,
  • Your contract details,
  • And your roughly budget,
  • Private Transport or Public or domestic flights to/From Jomsom

Best time to visit Upper mustang trek,

Upper mustang no doubts a rain sleuth trekking trails hence, even during monsoon (June, July & August) time it can be done with our any problem , especially if you are here to explore the region without crowded than monsoon will be the best time to visit. The best trekking months for this trek in a year is February to November likewise trekking during winter – December and January is not recommended months to trek upper mustang because of heavy snowfall, cold and no visibility.

In fact, the popular Tiji festival at mustang always lies during monsoon season. The Tiji festival is really unique and traditional therefore if you manage your time visiting this trek on that occasion then this trek will your best memorable experiences.

Regarding the ultimate upper mustang trek, there are so many trekking routes are in Nepal but if you are able to manage your time during pre-monsoon – {spring (March to May)} similarly, Post monsoon {autumn (October & November) is the best time for trekking in Nepal.

Upper Mustang trekking permits

It is well known restricted area trek in Annapurna region this is why you have to have especial permit with you to explore it. You are not allowed to go independently so you should have Nepali guide with you who have license provided by NATHAM or TAAN.

The price of permit for upper Mustang trek is $500 US per person for the first ten days than after every day on top of 500 USD you have to pay $50 US per person.

 This trek is in Annapurna conservation area, this is why ACAP(Annapurna conservation area permit) Permit is required that cost 3000 Nepali rupee( $30 US) Per person, but you don’t need to buy TIMS card for Upper mustang trek.

There has to be 2 trekkers in a group to go to Upper mustang trekking as per the low of Nepal Government.

Accommodation and food access

Trekking without food is impossible. In the matter of fact in upper mustang trek there are basic lodges got place to sleep privately and place to eat but don’t expect any luxury.

If you are following the itinerary then there are several tea house along the trails where you can stop and eat at same place, therefore you don’t need to carry any tent or related things for this trek.

The lodges/Tea House are basic but they will provides you net and clean private rooms, clean and healthy exquisite local foods, sharing bathrooms and Hot shower nearby your room. The staff also speaks good English and open/friendly which makes your stay very comfortable.

Since few years, there is a road connected to Lo-Manthang , as it is a capital of Upper mustang , from where they can supply the goods for the village and trekkers consequently, every lodges/tea house can serve you almost all kind of foods including western and eastern both style foods.

Moreover, The Upper mustang trekking features cheaper accommodation like other trekking trails in Nepal and compare to the price of food, the accommodation is very cheap.

Most of the trekking route are in Nepal, If you are eating and staying at same p lodge during the trek, Economically it is good for you but rather than staying in one lodge and eating at another lodge than you have to pay penalty as they have sort of rules from Hotel management committee so at the end the price of food and penalty from another lodge will be very high so it is suggested you to eat at same lodge where you are staying. It does not mean that you can’t go and eat other lodge but at least one main course of food need to be ordered from the lodge you are staying.

Noted that if you are trekking to upper mustang region by the time of Tiji festival than your accommodation need to be pre booked or carry your own tent with you for the accommodation. Recommended!!!!!

The cost of Tea House accommodation is about 4 to 7 USD and the price of food is about the same 4 to 10 USD.

As you know that upper mustang trek is a remote area trek, where you can’t see the road to supply the goods after lo Manthang therefore, we recommend you to order limit food and don’t waste it as it against the rules from the lodge too, and people will get angry.

Popular Tiji festival

Tiji is the name of popular festival in Upper Mustang. It is also known as a Tenji & Teeji, it is annual celebration by Tibetan influenced Buddhist people, during monsoon season and this cultural festival extends for 3 days.

The local people of Upper mustang celebrates Tiji festival on the day of Buddha;s victory over a Demon called “Ma Tam Ru Ta”. During the festival time for 3 days the monks from Lo-manthag Gompa will dance with various strange masks dedicated against demon. 

On this auspicious occasion the people from that area does horse racing and giant tug-of-war. For the visitors they will get a chance to observe the traditional dance by locals and dance by Monks that will take place, moreover there will be some Tibetan women on the 3rd day with colorful traditional dress and jewelry makes the festive more attractive.

The local people belief that after 3 days long celebration, there are no more evil souls.

Essential trekking equipment

The upper mustang trek is a moderate category trek. If you are trekking in winter no doubt you have to bring really warm clothes with you but trekking during spring and autumn than the following essential equipment will be enough to makes you warm during the trek.

  • Sleeping bag and Down jacket(-5 id enough)
  • Trekking pools
  • Trekking trousers,
  • Wind breaker jacket and poncho
  • Trekking shoes and pairs of socks,
  • Sun Glass and sun creams,
  • Flip-flop, gloves, warm hat & thermals

In general the above items for upper mustang will be enough but in details if you want to check out before heading to the trek then just click here. 

Altitude mountain sickness (AMS)

Upper mustang trekking is a complete trekking package. If you are simply fit and positive in mind then until 4000 m high, is not common to have altitude mountain sickness (AMS)

Mountain sickness is a pathological condition when we cross above 2500 meter, you may are get sickness but if you share your situation with your guide, assistance or group it will be solved very quick and you safe.

more more details about altitude mountain sickness here is the link click here.

Important Tips

  • Don’t take ice or cold water when you are at high trekking region,
  • Carry your own hand sanitizer,
  • Keep your warm body,
  • Drink purify water or mineral water during the trek,
  • Don’t seat on the roof of jeep or bus,
  • Take always clean handkerchief with you,
  • Take hot shower if possible every day,
  • Don’t take picture without permission from the locals,
  • Don’t waste the food during the trek,
  • Bargain is not common in the mountain so don’t do it,
  • Ask the price if certain things are not mentioning at the menu,
  • Keep your rubbish with you and drop when you reach at the lodge,
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