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Trekking and tour in Nepal

Trekking and your in Nepal- Complete information Guide 

Nepal is a complete country where we can conquer the ancient culture; High Mountains, Rivers, Rafting and many other natural infrastructure .There are some best finest areas in Nepal to offer many Trekking Tour, Rafting Jungle safari and many other activities. Nepal trip and adventure into the Himalaya helps to deposit your daily stress s of your busy life and work. If you complete some trip such as trekking especially in Nepal you will have a life time experience in a different society which is dominated by male since years and years beside that the warm hospitality of Nepali people, their courage and inspirable life teach you many things during your trip. There are 14 over 8000 m high mountain in the world but in this small country there is already 8 mountains over 8000 m high plus so many other peaks over 6000 m so trekking in Nepal is one of the best option to explore the country.

It is taken in Annapurna area trek.

It is taken in Annapurna area trek.

Nepal has so many different standard and difficulties of walking and trekking route as it is beautiful to spend your holiday with high range of mountain, culture and Traditions. The major trek and tour characteristics are:

  • Nature and biodiversity,
  • Adventure trips,
  • High range of mountains and many interesting culture,
  • Bird watching and hunting,
  • Sunrise and Sunset view
  • Local life in the country side area .

As Nepal has many options o activities you can choose as per your interest and budget as well as your fitness for the trip. The general easy walking trip also gives you the opportunity to experience the sample of country’s reality.
A perfect holiday trip Trekking in Nepal it is preserved nature, rich of bio diversities , mountain, all of them are still fresh from the artificial modernization. There are large number people still used to live to the country side area and there many ethnicity, language, culture, and inhabitants community, we can explore easily with making trekking and tour in Nepal.

While you are trekking in the Himalaya you will have private accommodation in the small tea house ad lodges but that are nice insulated build and also the local people from the mountain are really hospitable all the time to any clients they have which is another beautiful parts of the Nepal Holiday. The charging system, comfortable bed and pillows, building are well maintaining most of the place where ever you trek to The popular area of trek in Nepal.

Why many travelers go to Nepal?

Nepal is a small country but there are so many touring and trekking attractions for travelers such as world’s highest peak Mt. Everest, birth place of Buddha and many water resources. There are 14 mountain over 8000m in the world , among them 8 mountains lies already in Nepal beside that there are more than hundreds of mountains over 5500 m. in 21 of century people are advanced and they love to walk in to the nature which is all available here in Nepal this is why many travelers would love to go to Nepal.

How can I get visa of Nepal?

It is really easy to get Nepali visa for travelers when they arrive in Kathmandu. All you have to do is fill up the form when you arrive in Kathmandu airport than you need two p.p size photograph than within few minute you will have your visa stamp. Here is the price list of visa:

15 days Nepal visa cost: 25 USD
30 days Nepal visa cost: 30 USD
3 month Nepal visa cost: 100 USD

Which is the best month to travel in Nepal?

If you are able to make your holiday in winter and spring that would awesome because winter season means sep to Nov, and spring means march to June, if you travel in these months you will have clear weather, no rain, no snowfall, and also We don’t get natural disaster so for many prospective winter season and spring season is the best to travel in Nepal.

How long does it take to Thamel from Kathmandu TIA airport?

It is not so far to go to Thamel area which is center of tourist area and it has many hotels, restaurants, lodges, home stay, and hostel so no. this is the reason why many travelers used to go to Thamel instead of other parts of Kathmandu. It is 30 minute drive by private transport to Thamel.

What kind of food can i have in Nepal?

There are many restaurant in Nepal as per your interest either local typical restaurant or western style restaurant all type of foods you can get in Kathmandu. Even you can try KFC Which is located in Durbar marg. Especially if you visit Thamel area you can have easily Nepali authentic food, continental food, western, Indian , Thai almost all type of food you can have within a small area boundary which is Thamel.

What kind of trekking equipment do I need to bring?

You can bring your equipment from your own country if you have already otherwise you can buy or rest in Nepal which is much cheaper than your country as well as you don’t have to carry all the why where ever you travel so try to bring what is just essential.

What kind of accommodation do I get during the trek?

During your trip in the mountain in Nepal you will get twin sharing bed room privately and most of the tea house have a comfortable bed, pillow and hot water for shower but the shower room will be sharing with all guest who ever staying in the lodge.

How much does it cost for Everest base camp trek.

Everest base camp trekking is a popular trekking destination in Nepal takes 12 days from Kathmandu go and back including both way flight to Lukla.Generally it takes 12 days and it cost 1150 USD per person which includes the both way flight, porter, guide, their all expenses, permit, grounded transport, 3 night hotel in Kathmandu. Airport picks up and drops.

How much for Annapurna base camp trek?

Annapurna base camp has few option for the price if you follow the trail to ABC through Ghorepani it takes 10 days to go and back it cost 750 USD per person. And you will get all essential service regarding to your trip. More details of this trip is here.(

follows this instruction to respect the country:

  • Please respect traditions, customs, values and sentiments to help protect local culture and maintain local pride
  • Ask with locals when taking photographs.
  • Respect holy places such as temples, Gompa and stupa
  • Dont’t give money to the street kids instead you can give food or stationary things,
  • Don’t do anything against the nature and Himalaya
  • Protect nature, flora and fauna,
  • Clean your camp before you leave and pickups all your garbage with you,
  • Try to use local fresh water and don’t drop your plastic bottle during your trip
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