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Is Nepal Safe?

Is Nepal Safe?


Since the Maoist rebels joined the Nepalese government the country has been relatively peaceful and safe, but check the latest situation prior to arrival and exercise caution. Avoid public demonstrations, which can turn ugly. Frequent strikes are an inconvenience rather than a risk since all transportation often stops, and shops and restaurants close. Blackouts are part of daily life throughout the dry season. Due to a lack of streetlights, be wary of opportunistic crime in the dark, and watch out for potholes. Always keep an eye on belongings. Violent crime is rare, but pickpockets are not, especially in crowded areas. Keep valuables about your person in a money belt, or store them in a hotel safety deposit box.

Costs are very low in Nepal compared to Western standards but prices jump in tourist areas. Bargaining is less a part of life in Nepal than in India, so the cost of food and other goods should not be contested. This is less the case in tourist areas where you may feel you are being overcharged. There are banks and ATMs all over the city, but they do not always work, so try to keep a reserve of cash with you. Licensed money changers all over the city usually offer competitive rates. Credit cards are usually only accepted in some mid-range and most top-end hotels and restaurants.

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