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Trekking Choices in Nepal

December 27, 2019

Trekking Choices in Nepal

Trekking is combine activities of hiking and walking, in which people take multi-day holidays in a countryside area. On another hand, Trekking is a Nature base journey/trip on foot, when we hike especially through the mountainous areas often for many days and along with spectacular mountain views, typical villages, and enjoying Nature.

Remote area people have been facing the same problem and following the same attitude and sometimes is unchanged since many generations. .Trekking is a challenging job itself as it really beautiful too, but there are many kinds of activities regarding the walk and hike. After doing remote area trek, many trekkers will gain so knowledge from the real villager’s scenario.

Nepal is a small country but here you can make so many different types of the trek or also you can make your trip 2 days or even 1-day hike up to few months is possible to make the trek exploring all different region as it is connecting each other for trekker which is easy to go and make their own itinerary. as a trekker when people travel abroad they have to consider the local culture, their traditions, their way to live and all essential things so to gain all this knowledge you should hire a guide or also you can organize your trip from some authorized trekking agency. and authorized person for instance…

So, if people have all these considerations, they can easily make such a trip with contracting in our local base agency where you can have real experienced trek guide on request we kindly provide freelance /independent guide or all well organized cheap trip packages trip.

Types of treks:

1. Tea house trek:
Tea house trekking is the best way to make your trek which is really well organized and safe than sleeping in a tent somewhere around the corner of each village. so tea house means doing trek by eating and sleeping at small local base lodges where you get to see the real rural life of local people., so tea house trek is cheaper comparatively than camping one and also tea house trek means you have to wait till their staff makes your food but in camping, no need to wait it comes straight away rather than serving others.

2. Camping trek
camping trekking is more pleasurable i suppose because you only be with your own friends and you are out of lodges as it is really fun among the friends. so camping trek means all your essentials things such as sleeping tent, cooking tents, all you need should be carried by your staff and also you make your own food yourself in a group but there is proper cooker .it is quite expensive to make the type of trek but you enjoy surely more and you be more close with nature every day.

what are the most essential things you should bring when you go on a trek?

  • A pair of Hiking/Trekking boots(Water proof if possible)
  • A pair of slippers,
  • Several pairs of woolen socks and cotton socks,
  • A pair of climbing and pile pants
  • One light woolen/fleece sweater
  • One pile jacket
  • One down sweater/jacket
  • woolen hat and Sun hat,
  • sunglass
  • A pair of Gore-Tex glove shells with liner or ski gloves
  • Swiss Army knife ( if possible)
  • A trekking pack of 3000 cubic inches capacity
  • Sunscreen lotion SPF 10 to 30 and sunscreen stick SPF 10 to 30
  • A one or two-liter water bottle,
  • Trekking poles,
  • One torch with enough sets of batteries
  • Waterproof duffel bags with lock,
  • toilet paper,
  • Toiletries items:
    – Towel, biodegradable soaps, pre-moistened novelettes, washcloth, sunscreen, lip balm, and any additional personal items such as toothbrush, comb, etc.
  • Personal first aid box:
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