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Nepal Visit Year 2021/22

January 3, 2020

Nepal Visit Year 2021/22

Nepal is no doubt one of the most popular countries to travel to in the world. It has so many unique things such as a high Himalayan range, multicultural beauties, various ethnicity, diverse biodiversity, and Indescribable Natural attractions. Intrinsically, This is why Nepal Visit Year 2021/22 will be the best traveling year with various offers and facilities.

The trekking and tour in Nepal is the most income source as there are so Natural and Cultural phenomena to explore, Thus there are thousands of visitor who comes to Nepal for the purpose of traveling especially to trek, to make the tour, to climb and so many other authentic adventure activities.

The Government of Nepal and The ministry of culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation has planned to invite more and more tourist to promote Nepal tourism and celebrating “The tourism year 2021 in Nepal”. The tourism sectors of Nepal and related agencies and organizations set a kind of estimation to bring about two million visitors at least in 2021/22, likewise, the related minister of Tourism in Nepal trying their best to hold two million tourists within a year.

Once the Government of Nepal announced Nepal visit year 2021/22 then there are thousands of trekking and travel agency trying their best to make comfort and safety for their clients, which means If you are planning to visit Nepal in 2021 then manage your time for your holiday and fly into Nepal to explore the real Authentic Culture, Nature and world’s tallest peak-Mt. Everest.

Trekking and tour in Nepal were directly affected after the massif earthquake in 2015 since then until 2018 the tourism sector in Nepal was even really bad. The government of Nepal has planned to celebrate Nepal visit year in 2018 but due to the effect of Earthquake and recovery period of Historical heritage sites and Under construction Airports, they couldn’t celebrate the tourism year and now is the time because almost all our domestic and international airports are ready, the related infrastructure is done for tourist, similarly their safety in the mountain, and Experienced Mountain guides productions.

Mainly the neighboring country India and China are on the list to import more tourists in Nepal because the distance is near also open border for India and their population is relatively very high compare to another country in the world. Similarly, the Government of Nepal has said to give Discount for Climbing Over 8,000 m High Mountain, Low cost of visa fee and Safety holiday all around Nepal. There are so many countries in the globe but till now the visitors from India is the big numbers of visitor in Nepal similarly China, USA, UK, Sri Lanka, France, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and many other countries.

Furthermore, to expand tourism all around the world the Cultural and Tourism minister has said, the Aircraft from Turkey, Japan, Thailand, and new Zealand going to be added to the list of direct flights to Nepal, which means the tourism sector will be busier and wider. The next, in tourism sector in Nepal, there was certain rules and regulation not to make casino and gambling activities but in 2021/22 and further days will be more flexible and continue the regulation of Trekking, Hiking, Touring and Mountain expeditions.

Where is Nepal Located on the map?

Map of Nepal in the globe

Nepal is a small landlocked country located in South Asia whereas China and Tibet in the Northside and East, west, and south is the border of India. It is an independent country where there are so many natural and cultural beauties to explore. the Northside of Nepal got so many high white mountains and the elevation is very high till 8,848m and In the South is very low about 60 m only. However, Nepal is located in a south Asian country in between Massif China and India.

Major Reasons of Nepal visit year 2021/22:

In South Asian countries, Nepal is one of the poorest countries but the richness of Massif High Mountains, National parks, and verities of culture. There are many reasons to visit Nepal in 2021/22 but the major reason to visit Nepal is to enjoy nature and explore the high Himalayan region for the purpose of trekking, hiking, and climbing.

Why Nepal visit Year 2021/22?

  • There is more than one International Airport now,
  • The Nepal Government offer big discount who going to climb over 8,000 m high Mountains,
  • The quality of Road to Pokhara, Chitwan, and the major touristic area has improved,
  • Now there are so many well trained good speaker Mountain and tour Guides,
  • The standard of Tea House Accommodation in the mountains are improved and safer,
  • Most of the heritage sites and tourist attraction sites are recovered now,
  • The Political situation is peaceful now that means wherever you travel all around in Nepal with local you are safe,
  • There are many check post now while you are trekking,
  • For few years, there are quite some stunning trekking routes began, where you can explore nature without crowds,
  • The major trekking region The Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and Manaslu are well maintained such as trekking routes, lodges, check posts, and food quality.
  • Much unspoiled trekking region is connected with roads and flights if you are short on time.

However, in the last 2 – 3 years there are lots of changes in the Tourism sector in Nepal this is why you should visit Nepal in 2021/22 to enjoy your holiday with locals, Nature and Diverse Cultures.

The most recommended trekking routes in the visit year 2021/22,

  • Everest base camp trekking- 12 days
  • Annapurna base camp trekking- 7 to 10 days
  • Ghorepani poon hill trek- 4 days
  • Mardi Himal trekking- 5 days
  • Manaslu trekking- 13 days
  • Annapurna circuit trekking- 12 days to 18 days
  • Upper mustang trekking- 13 to 15 days
  • Langtang trekking- 7 days
  • Everest short trek- 5 days
  • Gokyo valley trekking- 10 days
  • EBC-Chola pass & Gokyo trek- 17 days

And there are so many beautiful cultural and Natural trekking routes that are calling you in Nepal. For more detailed information you can directly email us at or what’s app number +977 985-123-1026(Santosh).

If you are able to manage your time to hike at least a few days in the mountain that would be your great memories and lifetime achievements if you are not able to manage your time to hike then no worries there are some best options to get up close mountain views and stunning photograph yourself. If you are short on time or if you are traveling with kids or students then you are highly recommended to make an Everest base helicopter tour or Annapurna base camp Helicopter tour that will truly fulfill your dreams which you have been thinking about about for ages.

Everest base camp tour by helicopter:

Everest base camp tour by helicopter is a wonderful chance for visitors who are short on time. It is about a 3 to 4 hours round helicopter tour from Kathmandu. You will fly from Kathmandu airport in the morning to Lukla, where they stop a few minutes for fuels then again fly to Everest base camp- Kala Patthar viewpoint, it is where you will stop for photographs of the World’s tallest peak – Mt. Everest, Khumbu icefall, Khumbu Glacier and other many giant mountains.

After your most beautiful moment at Kalapathar loop, you will fly back to Everest view Hotel, near Namche bazaar for a Breakfast break for 20- 30 minutes then again fly back to Lukla and continue Kathmandu airport it is a complete round trip by helicopter.

Annapurna base camp tour by helicopter:

Annapurna is a massif area where you can visit more than 15 different trekking routes and traditional villages; however Annapurna base camp is the most visited trekking destination in the Annapurna region where hundreds of trekkers visit every day.

On this tour, you will fly from Pokhara airport to Annapurna base camp straight because the distance is not so far about 1.20 minutes from Pokhara- Annapurna base camp– Pokhara including a 15-minute break at Annapurna base camp. This lovely helicopter flight provides you such a grand opportunity to enjoy the massif Annapurna one mountain which is the 10th highest peak in the world similarly, fishtail mountain, Baraha Shikhar, Annapurna south Gangapurna, and many other mighty peaks from Annapurna base camp.

In final words, the Nepal visit year 2021/22 campaign officially launched by the honorable president of Nepal and related minister a few days ago thus, if you there are anybody looking for your holiday in 2021/22, then Nepal must be your great choice to enjoy your time with Nature and culture on a low budget As it is a safe, cheap and best attractive country to travel.

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