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Everest Base Camp Kalapathar trek in November

March 6, 2020

Everest Base Camp Kalapathar trek in November

Hey, are you thinking to make your adventure holiday to Everest Base Camp Kalapathar trek in November? Don’t hesitate to trek in November as it is a good month for trekking and probably the best Month to explore Everest Region. During November, the EBC trek offers you a gigantic chance to walk in mild warm temperatures, clear sky, a fresh environment, and Encouraging weather.

Trekking to Everest base camp and Kalapathar in October is the busiest Month thus; there will be hundreds of trekkers along the route. The beauty of this trek during November is perfect weather, Climate, Temperature, Rocky arid, Landscapes, Picturesque Khumbu Icefall, Clear Khumbu Glacier, and Indescribable High Everest Himalaya.

The Everest base camp Kalapathar trek in November is the last month of the autumn season but still peak season because The rainfall is nil, the visibility is always got a clear and unparalleled view of Giant Lhotse, Pumori, Mt. Everest, and many other stunning Everest panorama.

In the month of November, the temperature during the day is trivial at Night will be quite cold compared to the previous two-month September and October.

Nothing can be more appealing than a beautiful blue sky over your head and the breakable wind of wind going with all of you through the trip.

Trekkers, who wish to witness the clear Mountain View throughout the local cultural village and massif scenic green hill, Everest base camp Kalapathar trek in November the perfect time to visit.

No doubt, the Everest base camp Kalapathar trek is already the most popular trail, but the month of November is the best trekking month from every perspective and you can have such a wonderful memory, Temperature, and weather.

The Accommodation and experienced trekking guide during November might be quite difficult to book, but no worries if you reserve your trip a few months before your trek to EBC then everything will be manageable by your travel agent including your essential documentation for your trek.

Top 12 Major Attractions of Everest Base Camp Kala Pahar trek in November-

  • Have the most exotic flight to/from Lukla.
  • Adventurous flight experience over the massif compelling mountain range and valleys,
  • Enjoy the clear high mountain views, while walking onwards EBC,
  • In the month of November, relatively the temperature and weather, and visibilities are very clear almost every day.
  • Hike to the top of Kalapthar and have an excursion of the Entire Everest Himalaya, including the top of the world- Mt. Everest- 8,848 m.
  • The view of Mt. Pumori from Kalapathar is really close and you may kiss the Mountain.
  • November is the best trekking month for Everest base camp Kala Patthar trek,
  • You will achieve a memorable walking experience over Khumbu Glacier and Khumbu Icefall.
  • Get introduces to Tibetan and Sherpa people at Namche Bazaar, as the best settlements to explore local culture and traditions.
  • Enjoy the remarkable view of the Dud Koshi river, high metal-made suspension bridges, pine trees, flora, and some rare wild animals.
  • The Everest base camp trek is also to explore Tyangboche, Khumjung, and Pangboche Monasteries.

Why does Everest base camp Kalapthar trek in the month of November?

  • Green vegetation along the path,
  • Best trekking month in the year,
  • Mani Rimdu Festival,
  • Clear weather and Mild Temperature,
  • Chances of Flight cancellation or delay at Lukla.

The most popular trekking seasons are autumn and spring in Nepal But if you have to choose just one season then the autumn season is the best time of the year. November is the last month of the autumn season but relatively it is the best time to trek from every perspective.

There are some meaningful reasons why Everest base camp Kala Pahar trek in the month of November.

Green vegetation along the path-

Trekking to Everest base camp in November is just the season right after monsoon; hence you get to see green vegetation along the path of Everest Base camp. Compare to other trekking months, during November the color of the alpine forest gets greener, green hillsides are more photogenic, alpine Flowers bloom, and different colors of rhododendron flowers.

Best trekking month in a year-

Everest base camp trek during autumn (Sep – Nov) is a suitable trekking Month for travel enthusiasts. Everest base camp trekking route is busy in November because all trekkers want to explore this trek when there are perfect weather and temperature. In the Month of November, the entire natural phenomena get clear and suitable to complete this popular trek.

The route of trekking is no doubt very busy which means even if you are a solo trekker, you are not alone and you can introduce each other every day. Next, if you are an outdoor lover, but don’t like to walk in a crowd, then November is probably not your month to trek to Everest base camp.

Mani Rimdu Festival

In the area of the Khumbu Region, Mani Rimdu is the biggest festival for the Sherpa people. The local Sherpa people celebrate this traditional festival for 3 days at Tyangboche Monastery. All Villagers around the Khumbu region visited the Tyagboche Monastery on this auspicious Occasion and get bliss from Guru Rimpoche- Padmasambhava.

Tyangboche is one of the most popular settlements for Everest trekkers, where they spent a night, but During this unique Sherpa festival, trekkers stop here for a couple of days because they get to see all the local customs, way of celebration, Warm hospitalities each other and the great view of Mt. Everest and Ama Dablam. Trekking to Everest base camp in November is not only for Natural beauty is also for Cultural encounters.

Clear weather and Mild Temperature-

Trek to Everest region can be done any month in a year because it is situated already in the Himalayas, which means even during the rainy season there is almost no rain just drizzling (Small amount of rain), But If you want you just perfect Everest base camp trek then, you are highly suggested visiting in November. During the month of November, relatively the volume of trekkers decreases, which means we can get better Accommodation, choosy food, a peaceful dining hall, and a less touristy path.

November is one of the best trekking months after the Monsoon season, due to the clear Sky, Relatively less busy paths, sunny days, sunset, and sunrise almost every day, and Mild temperature.

Usually, the temperature during the day is warm about 13 to 17 Degrees centigrade but Early Morning and Nighttime are quite cold about -1 to -10 Degree centigrade. However, compared to other trekking months in the year for Everest base camp Kalapathar trekking, November is the one for you.

Chances of Flight cancellation or delay at Lukla-

During the month of November, every day the weather is very clear and steady which means there are lesser chances of flight cancellation or delay. As you know that Lukla is the world’s adventure airport where hundreds of trekkers fly in and out every day, thus if you have flight cancellations or delays, then you may miss your international flight or you have to pay so much money to fly by helicopter to Kathmandu. However, you are suggested to make your Everest base camp trekking holiday during the high trekking season in October and November.

Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty in November

The Everest base camp trekking is an adventure journey thought out the massif ridge of Mountain and Steep trails, no doubt it is a difficult trek but if you are physically fit and have a few weeks of training before you begin your EBC journey then you will be able to complete your mission.

EBC trek is well known finest high altitude trekking route, thus any time of the year or anybody can get a problem with high altitude sickness, it is quite common after crossing 4,000 meters high above sea level. In this beautiful trek, the highest elevation you reach is Kalapathar at 5,550 m. It is one of the best spots to observe Mt. Everest (the world’s tallest peak) and Mt. Lhotse.

Once you reach above 5,000 m high from sea level no doubt you may get a slight headache but that is not a sign of mountain sickness.  If you have a deep back headache, lack of energy, vomiting, and lack of appetite, then you should consult with your friends and guide, which may be because of high altitude mountain sickness.

However, Everest base camp is not an easy trekking destination. And, there are a few essential things to consider before you trek to EBC.

You should participate in a few physical activities which will help a lot to make you a comfortable and safe Journey. For example; Swimming, jogging, Cycling, and Jumping.

November is a dry season, hence you don’t have to walk on a muddy path or rain, which means the route, is safe to walk.

Popular Everest base camp trek begins after your 30-minute scenic energetic flight to Lukla and you will follow the classic Everest base camp route passing Beautiful Namche Bazaar, Dingboche, Gorakshep, and other small settlements But you have too well-prepared to walk on ascending arid trails, long and high suspension bridge and no doubt quite cold at night and Early Morning.

Accommodation during Everest base camp trek in November-

In the month of November, you will get so many options to stay along the Everest base camp trekking route. So, if you are worried about the food or accommodation while you are trekking there in November then just dismiss your illusion right now and decide your adventure Everest base camp journey.

November is the last month of the peak trekking season of Nepal, but still, it is a busy month and every single tea house gets busy thus you are suggested to pre-booking your hotel/lodge accommodation for the Everest Base Camp trek. Next, if you buy your package from a local travel agency in Nepal, then you don’t need to worry about the accommodation they will manage for you before you reach your destination.

Remember, it is a busy month for the trek, which means whatever quality of rooms you get should adjust, and sometimes you may share your room with other trekkers but no worries you will have a mostly private room and own locker.

In November, the price of lodges is about $10 US for a double bedroom if you want your very comfortable hotel then it may cost about $40 US to $200 US.

Food during Everest base camp trek in November-

Fresh and hygienic food is one of the most important parts of your Trek. The Everest base camp trekking now is quite facilitated and got so many choices for food. The Hotel provides you with almost all kinds of foods in a simple way of cooking by locals. They generally serve you  Pasta, Pizza, Bread, Chapati, Fried bread, cereals, Momo, fried rice, coffee, tea, hot water, and other snacks as per your request.

However, trekking in November is still peak season in Nepal and there will be so many choices of food to eat.

Are our trekking Guide & Porters compulsory for the EBC trek in November?

No, it is not compulsory to have a guide with you for the EBC trek in November. Undoubtedly, having a Guide and porter is the complete mission of EBC trek if you want to explore on your own schedule that is possible.

Remember that the EBC trek is an adventure journey and you may get some issues along the route if you are trekking with a guide or porter you may decrease so many difficulties.

Your trek will be safe if you trek with a guide in the Himalayas. The guide gives you a useful explanation of the trekking route and the local area. Next, he gives you a briefing every day on the trails and locality. However, the guide makes your comfortable and safe holiday.

If you are trekking for the first time to Everest base camp, then guides and porters are advised to hire. Porters carry your big baggage and the guide makes your comfortable trip in detail.

Hiring a Guide is not only to show the trails, but they also motivate you, help you to interact with locals, but he will also manage emergency evacuation through his travel agency cooperation, you will get a chance to be up close with local life and culture, so having a Guide or porter with you is always beneficial.

To hire a Guide costs $30 US a day and a porter $25 US per day, which is a reasonable price.

Everest base camp (EBC) trek is for those people, who don’t have enough time to follow the classic route of Everest trekking.

If you are able to manage at least 8 days, then I would say trek from Lukla to EBC and then fly to Kathmandu by helicopter. This is an option for you to avoid many difficulties and save 4 to 5 days, similarly, if you are not able to manage more than 1 or 2 days for the Everest base camp trek then you can fly from Kathmandu to Lukla then to EBC. It is 4 hours round trip.

In October and November the weather is stable, with a mild temperature, better visibility, and no risk of heavy snowfall, rain, or landslide therefore you are advised to travel during October and November.

Additionally, the EBC and Kala-Patthar helicopter tour is designed for those, who are physically not fit and who don’t have time and budget, so for them, it is a perfect way to explore Everest Himalaya.

Everest base camp itinerary:

Day 01: Kathmandu to Lukla after that 3-hour trek to Phakding (2,660 m): 8 km & 3 hours to walk,

Day 02: Phakding village to Namche bazaar (3,450 m): 12 km & 6 hours to walk,

Day 03: Namche Bazaar Acclimatization day,

Day 04: Namche Bazaar to Tengboche (3,890 m) 10 km & 6 hours to walk,

Day 05: Tengboche to Dingboche (4,400 m): 11 km & 6 hours to walk,

Day 06: Dingboche Acclimatization,

Day 07: Dingboche to Lobuche (4,910 m): 12 km & 7 Hours to walk,

Day 08: Lobuche to Gorakshep (5,180 m) than to Everest base camp (5,364 m): 15 km & 8 hours walk,

Day 09: Gorakshep to Kalapathar viewpoint,  then trek to Pheriche (4,320 m): 13 km & 6 hours to walk,

Day 10: Pheriche to Namche Bazaar (3,450 m) 15 km & 7 hours to walk,

Day 11: Namche Bazaar to Lukla (2,680 m) 16 km & 7 hours to walk,

Day 12: Lukla to Kathmandu (1,350 m) flight: 30-minute.

Note: When you reach Gorakshep, you may customize your plan, if there is very good weather on arrival at Gorakshep, which means you can visit Kalapathar first for a sunset view, the next day in the morning you can go to Everest base camp. It is highly recommended.

Important TIPS for Everest base camp trek in November-

  • Your EBC trek Needs to be Pre-booked,
  • You just carry essential trekking Gears,
  • Manage your EBC trek during October or November because these are the best trekking months climate and temperature ways,
  • Book your Kathmandu/Lukla/Kathmandu flight ticket at least a month before you begin your trek because you may not get your earlier flight if you are late,
  • Hydrate yourself while you are trekking — at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day, it will help you a lot not to have mountain sickness,
  • Trek to EBC with a Guide or porters,
  • Carry enough Local Nepali currency (Rupee) – per person 3500 NPR is recommended a day,
  • Keep your own pace (speed) – Walking faster may occur with high latitude sickness,
  • Try not to sleep for many hours, especially during the day,
  • Don’t sleep during the day, you may get a headache,
  • Follow proper Everest base camp itinerary,
  • Trek to EBC at the end of November. Because there will be lesser people and still you have stunning mountain views,
  • Carry important medicines with you,
  • If you have any difficulties while trekking, you just talk to your Guide or friends to get suggestions or motivation,
  • Never trek alone over 4,000 Meters high,
  • Don’t trek at Night is risky,
  • Ask locals if you are taking their photographs,
  • Respect local culture and walk along the right side of Buddhist Chorten.


Trekking to Everest base camp & Kalapthar during November is the best month. But still, you can trek to EBC during October or other months of the year. However, trekking in November to EBC is the best trekking month. Because you can have better choosy accommodation, you have clear weather, mild temperature and, peaceful trails.

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