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Annapurna Circuit Trek during Monsoon (June, July, and August)

February 6, 2020

Annapurna Circuit Trek during Monsoon (June, July, and August)

The Monsoon season in Nepal indicated June, July, and August when you can enjoy your trip with rain and a less crowded route of trekking. Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon (June, July, and August), is not the best season to trek, but still, there are some merits for trekkers. If you are happy to walk in the rain and love to explore the place in your own way, then this trip during the monsoon would be the best time to. Furthermore, in this trek in monsoon, there are more chances to have rain, but it does not mean that every single situation you have to walk in the rain, And the next you are suggested to start your trek early in the morning and finish your trek before 2 pm (There is rain after 2 pm in general) because you can skip some rain in this way.

The Annapurna circuit trek is an adventure two weeks holiday in the central north of Nepal, where there are many unique things to see, to visit, and to introduce at an up-close distance.

Trekking to the Annapurna circuit during June, July, and August is not the best, but it is possible to complete it without any obstructions and you can experience quite some geographical conditions. When you start your trek the alleviation is low where there are lots of vegetation, similarly reaching above 4000 meters. You have a leafy pine forest and magical air landscapes.

Trekking through our cultural and religious villages for a few days leads you to the top of the Thorong La pass – 5,416 meters as it is the best viewpoint in Nepal, probably in the world. The pass is situated on the top of giant Annapurna the Himalayan range at 5416 meters, thus, you can explore uncountable green rolling hills, surrounding the Annapurna Mountains and bordering peaks. The most gorgeous massif peaks from the Thorong La pass are Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Dhaulagiri, and other so many peaks in a range.

The Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon is probably the best for those hikers who love to walk throughout the trail without a crowd, love to walk while raining, for budget trekkers, it is a great choice because you can save some money from food, accommodation and you can find the best guide for the trek on a low budget too in monsoon/Summer season. It is off-season time in Nepal for the tourism sector.

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There are many things you should know before trekking to the Annapurna circuit trail during monsoon but there are at least a few things you should keep in your mind before heading to this beautiful trek:

Table of Content:

  • Facts of Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon,
  • Annapurna circuit trek Highlights during monsoon,
  • Weather and temperature during monsoon/Summer,
  • Annapurna circuit trek Difficulty during monsoon,
  • Why Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon,
  • How is food and Accommodation during monsoon,
  • The most important tip for Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon,
  • Trekking equipment list for Annapurna circuit trek During monsoon,
  • The Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon- solo or with the group,
  • Acute mountain sickness,
  • Conclusion.

Facts of Annapurna circuit trek during Monsoon-

Country: Nepal (Between Massif China & India),

Location: Central Nepal

Trekking days in total: 16

Trekking begins from Besisahar

Trek Ends at: Nayapul (1,075m)

Activity while trekking: Walking throughout the village, forest and high pass, similarly sight walk and city tour

Annapurna circuit trek distance:  161 km to 229 km

Accommodation: Basic Lodges but it is net & clean private room,

Highest place you reach up to 5416 Meter at Thorong La pass,

Route of trekking: Kathmandu- Besisahar- syringe- Chame- Ngawal- Thorong Phedi- Thorong la pas- Muktinath- Jomsom- Marpha- Tatopani- Pokhara- Kathmandu

Best Trekking months: Sep to Nov & Feb to May

Less touristy months: June, July, August, December, January (If you are simply fit and have an experienced guide with you can trek all months in a year)

Annapurna circuit trek Highlights during monsoon-

  • Explore the city with your guide,
  • Take a Scenic Drive by jeep or bus to Basisahar,
  • Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon is less crowded and very peaceful,
  • Trekking begins from Besisahar and ascending along the Valley of Marshyangdy River,
  • Get up the close introduction with locals and Explore the real way of living in the mountain,
  • Reach to the top of Thorong La pass at 5416 m and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the world’s most popular mountain peaks- Annapurna I, Dhaulagiri & Manaslu,
  • Visit the popular pilgrim sites Muktinath and Kagbeni,
  • Enjoy the drive through the wide Kaligandaki valley,
  • Enjoy the scenic view of the arched apple garden at Marpha, Tukuche, and also gasping landscapes while driving,
  • During monsoon, Relatively price is low either you trek through a travel agency or yourself,
  • Finest trekking time for those hikers who live to explore the region in the rain,
  • Very good trekking months, especially for students, backpackers, and solo travelers,
  • Active high range waterfall scene at Dana as it is the deepest gorge in the world,
  • Take a natural hot bath at Tatopani,
  • Sightseeing around lakeside Pokhara after your successful trek.

Weather and temperature during Monsoon/Summer-

While you are in travel, it is important to know about the weather and temperature surroundings of that area and destination. The climate, weather, and Temperature play a vital role to make a successful Holiday trip.

Trekking in June, July, and August–monsoon season are mostly rainy and sunny days apart in general, but you are suggested to bring your own raincoat and waterproof Jacket, Baggage, and trekking Shoes.

Furthermore, during the monsoon period the weather and temperature are mild but at night and early morning the temperature drops very quickly to 10 Degree Celsius, thus, you can start your trip after sunrise and finish your days’ walk before sunset, which makes your trip very comfortable.

The average Weather and Temperature of the Annapurna circuit trek in June

After spring (March to May), there is a monsoon season in Nepal. June is the beginning of monsoon season, but still, we don’ have heavy rain, and on and off we have a sunny day and rainy both.

Trekking the Annapurna circuit area during monsoon is of course possible because once you cross 3500 meters, you just get drizzling (small rain), which means even in June if you are here to trek up there, no worries you can make it.

You may get rain during the day, but if you are with a local guide or porter they know what time, in general, there will be rail thus, you can have an experienced guide with you to skip the rainy time and reach your destination before the rain.

Next, this month also the temperature in the morning and at night will be quite cold that you have to have warm clothes with you such as a Down jacket, warm hat, thermals T-shirt, gloves and related clothing which can make you warm at night and in the morning.

In June the temperature during the day is absolutely fine around 17 degrees centigrade but at night and early morning the temperature drops to 2 degrees centigrade.

Don’t worry guys, trekking below 3500 meters will be just warm temperature during the day, and also at night, it will be about 10 degrees centigrade during June.

The average Weather and Temperature of the Annapurna circuit trek in July

July is the middle period of the monsoon/Summer season in Nepal. In this month’s relatively more rainfall and the stream, the river gets full water. If you are a nature lover and Photographer especially July will be the best month to trek and take Natural photographs in a peaceful environment.

The weather during the day is warm and sunny on and off, but daytime and at night will be quite cold.

The temperature at Night gets about 3 degrees centigrade and during the day is about 17 degrees centigrade.

However, the above information is an average covering the entire Annapurna circuit trek, but the lower loop of the Annapurna circuit trek is warmer which means the temperature during the day will be about 20 and at Night and morning will be about 9-degree centigrade.

July is a rainy month of monsoon season in Nepal therefore the route of the trek is scenic and green.

The average Weather and Temperature of the Annapurna circuit trek in August-

The last month of the monsoon season in Nepal in August. It is a month of light rain and relatively comparable to the other 2 monsoon months it is slightly colder but of course, the view gets clearer, less rain, not much crowd, and the trails get not that damp too thus, August is probably the best trekking month for Annapurna circuit during monsoon season. Q

During the Annapurna circuit in August, the temperature remains between 5 degrees centigrade – 19 degrees centigrade. Still August is fewer crowds that make your special hiking holiday in the Himalayas. In-between 1 pm to 4 pm you may get light rain during the day, but after light rain in this area, the view will be magical and super clear in general. It is on and off sunny and light rainy month, but no snow along the route of Annapurna circuit except Thorong la passes.

It is monsoon and summer in Nepal as we discussed above, thus, each and every monsoon months, June, July, or August, you should take a Raincoat, waterproof backpack, waterproof Jacket, Windproof Jacket, Gloves, Hat, or P-cap at least these trekking gears need to be waterproof during your trek in monsoon season in Nepal.

Annapurna circuit trek Difficulty during Monsoon-

Around the world, Nepal is a well-known country of Himalaya, Where there are so many trekking routes, the world’s tallest peak Everest- 8848 m, and many other towering tall snow cap mountains. The Everest region is the most visited trekking Route in Nepal and the next is the Annapurna region. There are dozens of trails in the Annapurna to hike, but the Annapurna circuit is the best from every perspective. If you are simply fit and want to explore, various cultures, unique Landscapes, Religions, and wasteland of the Himalayas.

The Annapurna circuit trek difficulty is probably the most re-searchable keyword from travelers as it is very important to know too before heading to the Adventure Annapurna circuit trek. If simply for answering them, trekking to Annapurna circuit is a moderate trek difficult way in the high region of Himalaya that will take you to 5416 meters at Thorong La Pass.

Annapurna Circuit/Round Annapurna trek is the 2nd most visited trekking route in Nepal, where there are so many sight walks and alternative routes, next the route is Slippery, rocky, narrow, wide and stone made steep that can be difficult for some trekkers.

Furthermore, if you are trekking for the first time in this area, then you may get altitude sickness because you have to cross very high past Thorong la at 5416 meters.

Similarly, while trekking around the Annapurna circuit, you may also get unpredictable weather that will directly affect your trek thus, if you have a Professional mountain guide it will be helpful and more safety was to explore the region without any Difficulties.

In conclusion, the trekking difficulty during Monsoon Along Annapurna circuit trek is unpredictable weather, slippery trail, steep path, more Bushes along the route, almost every day rain middle of the day, you may get AMS (Acute mountain sickness) and Crossing Thorong La pass.

Why Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon (June, July & August)-

Number ways, Trekking during monsoon round Annapurna circuit are very tranquil; when you may feel you are just by yourself in this massif Annapurna route of the trek, similarly it is a warm, hot, and chilling temperature for hikers.

Summer season or monsoon is not the best time, but it is the best, time for those trekkers who really want his peaceful walk, spent the time with nature without the Crowe, and who loves to walk in warms temperature and rainy day.

There are so many reasons why Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon but number ways here are the lists, why trekking to the Annapurna circuit during monsoon (June, July & August) in Nepal-

  • Compare to other months of the year June, July & August in the peaceful/Less crowded time,
  • You have No pressure along the route, where you can customize your itinerary and spent your own time,
  • Warm, moderate, and chilling weather
  • The cost of accommodation, food, and transport will be cheaper than the peak trekking season,
  • The volume of trekkers during monsoon is very less so that you can introduce with locals almost every settlement
  • The sky gets very clear Due to frequent rainfall along the route,
  • You can also observe green view everywhere and experience exotic forest walking,
  • If you are buying a Package service through the travel agency you can have a Big discount offer which means if you are students or bag packer you can save some money,
  • You can also have choosy accommodation,

How much Food and Accommodation in the Annapurna circuit trek during the monsoon?

Food and accommodation are quite basic in this region because it is a remote part of Nepal and not an easy way to supply goods to the village. The food is the local and traditional way of cooking, but they are fresh and hygienic. Some lodges and restaurants now provide quite verities of Food Such as Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan, continental but don’t expect professional cooking, they are just simple cooking.

The most popular food during the Annapurna circuit trek is Dhal Bhat, which is served with rice, Lentils, vegetable curry, Papadam, pickle, and spinach.  It is a typical Nepali food in Nepal too. If you are tight on budget while you are on this trek you can have this food because it is easy, filling foods and you can add more foods at the same price. Dhal Bhat (Food) provides a lot of calories and carbohydrates.

Furthermore, besides those foods, you can easily find Cold drinks, alcoholic drinks, varieties of Tea, Coffee, and Soup at a low price. The price goes high day by day till you reach Thorong la than price and trails both descents.

The Next essential things for the Annapurna circuit trek are Accommodation. It is just a basic but clean and private room. If you are hiking during the monsoon/ summer season in Nepal the accommodation easily available along the route at a low price.

There are generally two small beds, bright windows, a private locker, a small table, and a quite thick mattress, Pillow but no bathroom inside. There are only a few lodges that have a bathroom inside the room, however, there will be a shared bathroom where you can have a hot shower, but it is payable, cost about 300 Nepali rupees (3$) per head.

The most important Tip for the Annapurna Circuit trek during Monsoon-

Buy your permit in Kathmandu or Pokhara-

There are two different trekking Permits required to go to the Annapurna circuit trek. The Annapurna conservation area project (ACAP) and TIMS (trekker’s information management systems) are required.

The price of a TIMS card is  600 NPR per head for SAARC Country visitors and for Foreigners out of SAARC country costs the US 10 $ per head throughout this beautiful trekking route.

ACAP permit is also required for trekkers that will cost 1,000 Nepali rupees (NPR) per head for SAARC Country visitors and 3000 Nepali rupees for other Nationalities.

If you are a local visitor costs 300 Nepali rupees per person.

Trek with Guide/Porter or group-

Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon season is very quiet and there are only a few tourist treks thus, it is not safe to trek alone in case if you have any natural devastation or risk of Animal attraction. It is the rainy season, which means you may slip while you are walking so that from every perspective, having a guide with you is a safe way to explore the Annapurna circuit area.

You should pack the most important gears-

Trekking to the Annapurna Circuit region during the monsoon is not that easy, but if you have the right gears with you then you can make this trek very simple. Mostly you have to have waterproof jackets, pants, shoes, and a Backpack.

While you are on the mountain you can’t but trekking gears or clothing because there are no shops of trekking gear. The next is a quality camera to take beautiful pictures and take also enough power banks and cable to charge them.

Acclimatization is required-

Annapurna circuit trek is not an easy walk because you have to reach 5,416 meters within a few days. You begin your trek from 1,400 meters to 5,416 meters at Thorong La. Acclimatization is the most important part of the trek. If you can adopt the local environment, then you can complete the trek without any issues, but without a rest day along the route, you can’t make it. The Annapurna circuit’s highest spot is Thorong La pass, which is quite high at 5416 Meters therefore, this Altitude may create a serious problem for trekkers. The air pressure is overpowering and the level of Oxygen is low after passing 3500 meters, this is why you should have some extra rest days at some settlements as per the Itinerary. When you reach your lodge, you have to get a bit higher up than your hotel, it will help a lot to get acclimatizations, similarly, you have to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day, take garlic soup, get fresh food and decrease your sleeping time at Night, all This activates help a lot for trekkers not to have AMS.

Pre information & Training-

If you are physically simply fit you can make this trek easily because it is a moderate category of trekking in Nepal. It is always important to follow the important information, Guide book, and itinerary for your safety trip. Trekking without pre-information and training can be extreme and unsafe at your every single step, but having useful information, a few days of training helps you a lot to complete this trek.

Trekking to the Annapurna circuit during spring and autumn is the best because you don’t have to worry about rain or snow along the route, but trekking during the monsoon is more difficult, so at least 2 to 3 weeks of training is required before you begin your trek to Annapurna circuit massif.

You just do some basic regular exercise, for example, Cycling, Swimming, Running, football games and similar cardio-related games help a lot for trekkers.


Annapurna circuit trek is high altitude area. We never know what will happen in this high altitude area

Trek hence; you should have travel insurance before heading to this trekking. In the mountain, while trekking the weather can change at any time as it is unpredictable so insurance is very important.

If you need emergency helicopter rescue from the mountain is very expensive costs $ 5,000 US to $8,000 US, which is not possible for all trekkers therefore if you have insurance it will cover all your expenses including Evacuation by Helicopter.

Furthermore, if you are injured, flight delay, or a related matter, if you have insurance you feel more secure and making you always positive, which will help a lot to complete the trek without any obstructions.

Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon (June, July & August) is relatively extreme thus, with insurance you are safe.

You have to buy insurance from your own country or buy online because In Nepal you can’t buy insurance for hiking and trekking.

If you are confused, how to buy or what are the best insurance company that will cover your emergency evacuation helicopter flight, then here is the list of the best insurance company around the world-

Trekking equipment list for Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon-

Trekking to Annapurna circuit during Monsoon (June, July & August) the rainy and wet season, thus, the trekking equipment needs to be well prepared.

Here is the list of Trekking gear for the Monsoon Annapurna circuit trek:

  • Waterproof- Backpack, Jacket, Shoes, medical kid box, Hat/Cap, and Gloves,
  • A Pair of quick-drying T-shirt, Pair of Sucks, Flip-flop, and Warm thermals,
  • Water Bottle, Sunglass, Sunblock cream, and knee bank,
  • Down Jacket & Sleeping bag,
  • Dry food, toothbrush, All toiletries items, and  Lip balm,
  • Medicines,
  • Day bag, raincoat, and Waterproof bag cover,
  • Walking stick and Pulse Oximeter.

If you have these items with you in your bag you are well managed for trekking to Annapurna. Next, you are suggested to make your light bag pack and extra weight you can leave in Kathmandu Hotel.

For more information about trekking equipment just click here.

The Annapurna circuit trek during Monsoon- solo or with groups-

Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon (June, July & August) is relatively tougher because every day during the day in monsoon you may get rain and the trails get very slippery and wet. If you are a Solo trekker, it can be more difficult to trek in the Himalayas because the route of the trek will be almost empty and if there are any problem occurs during the trek, you may get a huge problem and couldn’t complete the trek, But if you are trekking with friends in a group or with an experienced guide you are always safe, motivated and energetic.

There are so many advantages of group trekking but not solo.

Annapurna circuit trek goes up to 5416 meters from sea level so, if there are friends with you in your group, they help you any time any cost, plus with a group you can also gain so many different knowledge about the country, culture, and Mountains, however, Trekking to Annapurna circuit during monsoon is the best with the group but not the safest way by yourself.

If you can’t find a group that joins this trek in the monsoon, you just Google and search freelance guides in Nepal then there are many links and details of an Experienced guide with whom you can trek, which is recommended.

Acute Mountain sickness (AMS)-

Altitude sickness normally occurs after passing 2500 meters. The oxygen label will be lighter and lighter when you go up after 2500 meters, which makes your breath deep and difficult. If you walk very fast and don’t follow the proper itinerary then you may get short of breath, dizziness, vomiting, lack of fluid in your head, lack of appetite all of these symptoms occur, which is Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

There are a few, tips to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness while Trekking in The high Himalayas region in Nepal.

  • Drink lots of water- at least 4 liters a day,
  • Drink enough hot tea,
  • Get chocolates and sugar item food/Candy for your energy,
  • Try to decrease your sleeping hour a Night and also never sleep during the day,
  • Sleep with friends because in case if you have any problem you get help straight,
  • Keep your warm body,
  • By dinner time get Garlic Soup which will helps a lot not to have AMS,
  • Trek 4 to 6 Hours and ascents about 4 to 600 meters a day not more than that,
  • Follow your Guide information and itinerary provided by the travel agency and guide book,
  • Don’t Sleep in the Tent above 3,500 meters,
  • Check your pulse with the Oximeter every 2 to 3-hour interval.

There are many symptoms of acute mountain sickness. While trekking in the High-altitude region, but the major AMS symptoms are vomiting, lack of appetite, dizziness, and deep Headache.

If you are more curious about mountain sickness than just hit this link and collect some important information before heading to trekking.


The Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon (June, July & August) is possible if you follow the genuine information and your physical fitness.

However, trekking during Monsoon season in the Annapurna region is no doubt, you can make it because the only lower part of the trekking region getting heavy rainfall, but not above 3000 meters high, so The upper part of the  Annapurna circuit trek during monsoon get very light rainfall because it is in the rain shadow area.

Another merit, during Monsoon season the price will be very cheap for food, Transport, and Accommodation, likewise, the volume of trekkers is very low and peaceful when you can have your own beautiful time, the level of water in the river is full and active, which is picturesque and also you can see some festivals.

The view of the massif Annapurna mountain range is very clear due to the rainfall and the atmosphere is very clean during the monsoon/ summer season.

If you plan your trek to the Annapurna circuit during the monsoon, no need to worry, just fly into Nepal, get an experienced guide, and begin your journey to the Himalaya, you can make it.

If you are interested to know about the monsoon trek in Nepal just drop your email to us and let us help you to make your unforgettable trek in Nepal.

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