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7 Reasons to go for Langtang Valley Trekking

November 26, 2017

7 Reasons to go for Langtang Valley Trekking

The Langtang Valley Trek located to the east north side of Kathmandu, Which is also known as a Langtang Trekking as well as ‘Beautiful Valley of Glacier’. this Region offers you a Magnificent Mountain views of Langtang, Langtang Lirung (7,246 m), Dorje Lakpa and many other stunning Snow-cap Peaks. It also offers Bamboo Forest, Towering Pine Trees, Buddhist Monuments, Grassy lawn, Rugged Rock, Waterfalls, Streams and a Popular Buddhist Kyanjin Gompa(Monasteries).

Langtang Valley trek is one of the finest, Budget, easy and also Incredible Trekking and walking destination of Nepal. The dramatic Mountain Ridge, Inhabited by Tamang, Tibetan and Sherpa people, the small walking trail along the stream and Forest are the major attractions of Langtang Valley trek. The Langtang trekking trail passes through Grazing Cattle of Mountain, Rich pastures Alpine and insane beautiful Valley. The view of Mt. Ganesh Himal, Gaurisanker, Yala peak, Naya Kanga, Langshisa Ri, Gangchhenpo are the beauty of this Region and also it is a short trek from Kathmandu into the Wilderness of Himalaya that is influenced by Tibetan lifestyles. This trek can be customized on your time and request because it is easy Walking Trekking route of Nepal and also it can be extended if you have time you can go to the north-west at Helambu which is also under Langtang national park. Helambu is an another popular off the Beaten area trek where you get to see beautiful Nature, Typical Villages, Mountains, towering trees and farming of local people.

7 Reasons to go for Langtang Valley Trekking

1. Off The Beaten Path 

There are thousands of Trekkers who used to come to Nepal  each different Season  but most of them choose their Trip destination to Everest Region or Annapurna Region Which is a popular Walking and Trekking routes but it is not really a great idea if you are here to explore the off the beaten area trek which is less crowded, Peaceful walking every day, Natural Rural Life etc. Langtang Valley trek or Helambu trek can be your best destination if you prefer to walk on the Natural trail, pass by typical Villages, the Hidden treasure of Langtang region and wonderful off the beaten path Experience.

2. Low-Cost area Trek

7 Reasons to go for Langtang Valley Trekking is low-cost area trek as itself is easy and closer area trek from Kathmandu. There are many Budget Trekkers who come to Nepal but still, they want to go into the Mountain that Langtang trek can be their best choice if they are Budget trekkers and also it is less crowded. It is not far to go from Kathmandu and easy excess of Bus and Jeep to go which is very cheap. this trek also results in a wonderful sublime trail, stunning mountain trail that includes an insane mountain view, Customs, and Culture of local people and Flora and Fauna.

Langtang trek is the short, best easy and Low-cost trekking route Which is also very close to the capital of Nepal it means it is safe and best Trekking Route

3. Low-Risk Trekking Route

The Langtang Valley Trekking is a Remote area trek in the Himalaya but it is comparatively lower region trek than Everest and Annapurna. The walking route is wide and less Risky compare to another trekking region because there is no risk of being hit my Rocks and also the Trail is dry it means not slippery. The chances of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness)  very low because you will start your trek from Syaprubesi which is low altitude area and also you will be trekking most of the time around tree line area which means there is plenty of Oxygen and itself is not so high area trek. The Risk is still occurring in Langtang Valley trek but not as risky as another part of Nepal.

4. Rich in Culture

Langtang Valley trek passes through Local Village especially Tamang, Tibetan and Sherpa Inhabitant. It means you can see their Culture, Farming, Customs, Local Life, and their daily lifestyle. The Typical Villages and ethnic groups of this Region offers a many different Culture, Custom, and many Buddhist Ritual things.

The people from Langtang Region are really friendly and also provides a warm Hospitality to the Travelers.  The Langtang Valley Trek provides you an exotic Mountain experience including their Culture, Customs, Traditions and living style Which is a part of your Trek highlights.

5. Stunning Views of Mountains

Langtang Region trekking is a less crowded area trek and also less popular comparatively than Everest and Annapurna but it is impressive and stunning snow cap mountain vistas. There are many cultural aspects in this region besides that the magnificent Mountain view is the most highlighted part of this trek. If trekkers extend their trek can reach to the top of adventures pass called Ganja La (5,122 m) and Tserko Ri(5,000 m). the spectacular view of Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Annapurna, Lang tang Lirung, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa, Gaurisanker, and many other peaks. This Trek is not about culture only it is also a popular region to explore many high Snow Cap Mountains and passes.

6. Buddhism & Peaceful Area

Langtang Trekking Route mainly you will explore Buddhist Monuments, Monastery, Stupa, Mani Walls, Buddhist Prayer Flags, Tibetan style Houses, beautiful Buddhist Chortains,  and  Traditional Buddhist people. Once you are there and walking in this Peaceful area I am sure your mind will be Tranquil and Peaceful.

7. Safe stay in Local Tea House & delicious Local Foods

Langtang Valley and Helambu Trek lead the trail Naturally this is a way as mentioned above this is Off the Beaten Paths as it is Tranquility and unique Trekking route of Nepal.

There are quite some Tea house & Lodges along the way especially if you follow the itinerary of Langtang trek you will get a penalty of Settlements where they will give you warm Hospitality, clean and separate Bed on request Which is Safe and comfortable too. there are mainly 3 different ethnic groups and they have their own typical Food Which is Organic and fresh you can have each Night when you are in the Lodge. There is also menu each lodge and Tea house on your request they will make Wonderful local taste food very quick and fresh.

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